World of Webaholics Video by Goup Goes Viral – 2012 Must Watch Video

A self-explanatory Youtube Video that was brought together by the team at has gone viral suddenly. It became popular with lot of page views few moments after it was uploaded to Youtube.

The video content has revealed everything that seems overlooked by many people about the World Wide Web in general. Now is the time when everyone, every business, every organizations need to GO UP. They needed to think outside the box, and that’s why The GoUp team has just offered us this informative and interactive video session which would make the world learn more about how to do business better using the power of Google search engine.

The video is one of the secrets behind creating viral contents – and truly it is a viral video content already. Social media marketing has suddenly become a buzz throughout the world over. The keyword “social media” have gone too far leading the popular and worldwide most searched keyword, porn. It now shows this is the time when we need to make use of the power of the internet because people are no more interested in watching TV ads; they care to spend more time on Facebook more than the time spent in talking than in real life (about 12.5% of them only considers reading ads in magazines and newspapers). That should tell you that, there’s more business if you could engage these social media talkers.

the world of webaholics

When it comes to getting results on your investment (ROI), it shows that TV ads does not brings good ROI when compared to using the internet for advertisement – about 1.8% of TV ads generates good ROI and if you calculate this, it means people are going to be losing more money to advertising on this platform. And the funny thing is that about 90% of people do fast forward TV advertisements more than they do to other advertising media. It means they care less about TV advertisements because the world is changing over to using the power of technology which the Internet offers.

The video also reveals that majority of fastest growing segment on Facebook comprises of females between the ages of 55-65 years.

The video reveals the secrets behind why Google is becoming more popular everyday and the reason behind Google being the Godfather of the World Wide Web. In addition to that, it talks about what many do not know about WOMEN when it comes to buying things online. About 97% of the British females uses Google search engine to research for things to buy online while 92% of them usually bought things online. They weren’t like their counterparts, the Females who loved to check for the right deals all the time.

Another great revelation in the video talks about how Millionaires uses the power of the Internet to research on luxuries they would buy online before they decided on buying them.

It is also revealed that the beliebers spends large amount of time online to browse the web all for the sake of reading Justin Bieber’s Twitter updates because the youngest whiz kid has more readership than majority of the news journals around the world. News media such as: The Times, The New Your Times, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, USA Today, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Daily Express, and The Los Angeles Times, all combined together. It is kind amazed me that such a guy could have readership like that more than these popular news journals.

Another entertainment part of the video revealed Lady Gaga’s Twitter prowess – it was revealed that she has more twitter followers than any other high-class people worldwide – according to the video, it is even pass the whole global population of the Jewish which means people listen to her music and updates more than how they read the Bible.

“Now, you should know that we’re leaving in the World of Webaholics.”

Kudos to the team at Go Up. – The Brain behind This Viral Video – “The World of Webaholics”

Go Up is one of London’s top ranked SEO, Web Design and Web Marketing firms having its root in the region as a registered company in the United Kingdom.

The company is the best when it comes to web designing of amazing web pages for your website or blogs. The company does not work as single focused Company designing websites, but it also involves in helping you rank such websites to the top of search engine pages in order to drive traffic to your blog/website – which is known and refer to as White Hat Search Engine Optimization.

The company wrote on their website and we quote as saying:

“We believe that businesses can no longer afford to simply have a ‘web presence’. They need that ‘web edge’, to stay competitive in a web driven world.”

Go Up can go any length in delivering your company that “edge” which is missing in the competitor’s delivery. Though, they do agree that they can help you rank your website/blogs higher and better on search engines or move your brand to the top of the world. But, they also let you know that the task takes time, creativity, expertise, and some careful planning. That shows the company knows the weak point of their competitors – they knew why many WebPages continue to fails – and why yours would be successful, because they’ve already understood what you need and ready to satisfy that need.

The company focuses on your ROI because it is their priority and you can be sure of getting what you want if you can just take some moment to tell them exactly what you need either through phone or via email.

Less we can say about Go Up, but the company has more to tell you if you can avail yourself an opportunity to contact Go Up and tell them exactly your mind.

This video went viral overnight and you could do something great like that if you have the clue on how to create a viral content on your blog or website. But I believe the team at GoUp has one or two things to share with you on this. Simply reply here if you have or two questions that you might love to ask them and one of their representatives will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

Olawale Daniel

Editor-at-large, Techatlast and BoltonHiTech

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