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Free WP Remote Service – Monitor & Backup WordPress Sites Remotely

WP Remote has gone through a total rebranding process and it is now working perfectly with its official beta version which is now out.

If you are among those who have used this tool before, or you are just new to it, WP Remote is an easy to use web app for controlling, organizing, tracking and searching for the versions and updates for multiple WordPress hosted sites. And thanks to WPMU for this wonderful post where they shared the latest updates and new features of this web-based service.

WP Remote is a powerful web-based service that gives user a nice looking dashboard showing all of your WordPress sites in one single UI. The dashboard offer you access to key information related to version of Plugins and themes on each of your wordpress blogs, and also lets you have full access to all information about all the content of the website for better site management. However, WP Remote gives you an access to backup your websites remotely without hassle, and it also, enables automatic daily backups to help you avoid losing everything that you’ve struggled for in a jiffy when the black guys (hackers) are around.

And the Good news is, WP Remote is 100% totally free – you can test it out for yourself. 

Like I said earlier on, if you have already used this service before, there are new changes that are not there in the former version which you are more familiar with before. There are now new changes in the official 1.0 release of the WP Remote for better user experience.

The developer for this service have just redesigned its interface and illustrate it as “The app is now about 100x faster – that’s kind of an exaggeration, try 90x faster.”

The new upgrade has been entirely redesigned and the font has been rewritten to improve how the user enjoys the platform with its easy loading time compared to the formal.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that the company behind this wonderful free service is known as Human Made Limited. The company has been doing some wonderful jobs since and the latest of them is the new addition of Amazon S3 backup service to help users backup their wordpress sites easily.

wp remoteWP Remote backup service process would be carried out by the service and then send directly to your account on Amazon S3, all for FREE (at this moment, because the company has said that it may change if the price they’re paying for it, if it is much for them to bear as time goes on). Let’s thank them for this support for now! But, even if they started charging for this service, user will still find it useful and helpful, since WP Remote is absolutely free and Amazon S3 is not a free service overall.

And alternatively, the new WP Remote now offers supports for remote theme upgrading and it can also tracks theme updates which can also help your site becomes more faster and secure better than waiting for the general WordPress updates notice.

This tool is good for anyone who has more than one wordpress blog. You can add as many websites as you want and keep proper tracks of ‘em all, because, there is no limit to the total amount of websites that you can add to the service.

“Add your websites in dozens and track them all at the same time, give yourself peace of mind”

I’m personally grateful and offer my thank you message to the big brains behind this great service, who have committed to making WP Remote a cost-free service for everyone. Authors like: @tomwillmo , @joe_hoyle  and @matt_eu , all from the great company, Human Made Limited. Thanks to you all.

To all Techatlast technology news blog readers, kindly try this service because it promises to really be of great help to wordpress blog security against hack attempts. And in case you haven’t read my latest Free Android Apps review, kindly read it now and also check the iPhone Developer guide page for updates on the apple iOS university program. In addition to that, my latest job updates blog is now live; you can check it out for yourself and give me advice on what to do next!

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