How to Write Original Content and Beat Panda in every update

Each time Google runs the Panda update, sites and blogs suffer. I do feel bad for them, but I empathise with the Panda, it’s name has become every bloggers’ nightmare. I’m wondering when PETA will raise their head and say that the update cannot be name Panda. Anyway, if you are a blogger and have had sleepless night because of the Google Panda update, then here is what you can do to become invincible, write original, beat Panda in every update. google panda update

Be your own competitor

If you though that I was going to offer you some short cut to beat the Google Panda update, then you are so wrong, because there is no short cut for this. You need to put your brain cells to use (they’ve been resting for quite a while) and come up with something innovative. This is extremely important. I know of many people who are original to a great extent, but their blogs suffer. The main reason behind this is, they stick to the standard design and are too comfortable to bring about any change in their blog. Well, it’s time to pull up your socks and start working. Let each blog be better than your previous one. Don’t compare your blog with blogs of fellow bloggers, instead compare them with your previous blogs.

Don’t stop blogging, why quitting now?

If your site just got trampled by Google’s Panda, don’t lock yourself in the closet and shed tears. Face the Panda (it’s a cute animal, and a vegetarian, so you won’t find yourself in its stomach) and continue writing. If you want to sit in the closet and shed tears, do that, but also give a thought to what your next blog will be about and come up with things that are close to your heart so that you can be sure that it is original. Keep blogging, change your style and keep in mind the guidelines that Google has given and stick to them and you will soon be able to recover from you losses. 

Be sure that you are not shown the backdoor as you have become spam

The Google Panda update really works and it distinguishes the thrash from original content. So why be worried about it? Isn’t that a good thing? You have written original stuff and your work is being given preference over other blogs that are a product of “cut, copy and paste”. If you belong to the “cut, copy and paste” brigade then you just learnt your lesson. I’m sure your mum told you that cheating is a bad habit.

So make sure that you are not in the spam list of Google. The only way to do is to CREATE!!

Look at the positive side of the Google Panda update

It may sound like I’m preaching, but it does make sense to look at the silver lining of this dark cloud. Each time the Panda update is made by Google and your blog suffers you know the mistakes that you are making and about the changes that Google expects from you. If you have been posting original content then there is so change in the design of the site you must make.

You need to take the Panda update as a motivation to do better and it is the nudge that you get when you start being complacent. If there is no problem with the site that you have, then it will remain unaffected by the update, but if you have been cooking rubbish in your site, then you are sure to suffer.

The long and short of it is to write original, beat Panda with every update and see the traffic of your blog increase with each passing post. The process is gradual and patience is sure to pay off.

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