Xbox giving away Anniversary Avatar Props for free

Xbox giving away Anniversary Avatar Props for free

Hurray, Xbox is 10! In its bid to mark its anniversary, Xboz is giving away interesting stuff for free specifically for those who love to edit their avatar and then dress them up at every event or festival. So if you are interested in celebrating Xbox anniversary along with all other Xbox Fans, you should grab this free avatar prop and if you want only the audio to use it as notification on your phone, grab it here, Thanks to Major Nelson. The Prop is a box which does some fireworks and paper shots when you open it up. Definitely awesome.

Xbox-Anniversary-PropsEnjoy with Xboz users world wide with this free gift.

[via WpXbox]



One response to “Xbox giving away Anniversary Avatar Props for free”

  1. jay Avatar

    I can’t believe Xbox has been around 10 years! Boy do i feel old.

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