Yahoo Site Explorer – Yahoo to Shut Down Site Explorer

Yahoo Shut Down Site Explorer!

yahoo-site-explorerIf you’ve been a blogger for any more than a day now you will know how important it is to optimize your blog for the search engines, and if you’ve been into SEO for any more than a few weeks you will know how important it is to have enough data to help you improve your blog.

One thing about search engine optimization is that the number of things you need to do can be so overwhelming that you won’t be able to do them all alone without the right tools, that is why every SEO’ers needs to know how to use any tool they can lay their hands on to maximize the results they can get. Mind you, I’m not trying to encourage complete automation or relying too much on software to help you with everything. Instead, I’m talking about discovering and making effective use of tools that can give you insight into your competitors and how to make your blog better.

The Yahoo Site Explorer is one great SEO tool that most internet marketers rely on, and it is also one of the tools I use for SEO with my midphase and yahoo web hosting coupon blog. The problem however, is that the Yahoo Site Explorer has just been shut down today.

How Can Yahoo Site Explorer Help Bloggers?

I know that it might seem like this question is too late, especially when we consider the fact that Yahoo Site Explorer has already been shut down. However, I think the lesson I want to pass across in this section might be priceless to you if you are just starting out as an SEO, or if you want to improve your SEO knowledge.

The main thing Yahoo Site Explorer does is to give you insight into your website and that of your competitors, including how many of your website pages has been indexed by Yahoo, how many links are pointing back to your website from other websites. Aside from this helping you know why a particular page on your website is ranking better or not, this also gives you the opportunity to see what your competitors are doing better and where their links are coming from, and as a result makes it easy for you to take necessary measures to improve your rankings.


The reality is that Yahoo Site Explorer has been shut down, but I think it used to be a better tool for bloggers and internet marketers. The main function of the tool is to help you gain insight into your competitor’s SEO effectiveness, and if you’re looking for an alternative you can check out Majestic SEO.

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