Yelp Files for Initial Public Offering, IPO

Yelp-Image-techatlastYelp, the popular local content reviews service, has filed for a 2012 initial public offering (IPO) that could raise approximately $100 million for the company.

Yelp has been preparing for its initial public offering for a while now, and ever since it rejected a sum of $500 million acquisition offer from Google back then in early 2010. The initial public offering could value the company worth of $2 billion.

According to YELP’s SEC filing, it has more than 22 million published reviews, 61 million unique visitors per month and about 529,000 business pages that has been claimed.

Back in 2008, Yelp earned approximately $12.1 million in revenue and then doubled it to $25.8 million in the second year, 2009.

However, in 2011, the first nine months was good months for the company as it generated an approximately $58.4 million in revenue. But still, the company is still not profitable yet. The company in the first nine months in the year 2011, lost $7.6 million, a little bit less than the one of $8.5 million it lost during the first nine months of 2010.

Most of the income that comes to Yelp are from local advertising, and followed by brand advertsiing and “other services” such as Yelp Deals, partnerships and remnant advertising inventory. In the first nine months of 2011, Yelp generated $40.3 million in local advertising revenues, $12.7 million in brand advertising and $5.4 million from other services.

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