Youtube – How the New Interface Looks

The new Youtube interface makes it more easier to use than how it was looking earlier before. The new interface allows user to do just anything they like far more than the previous outlook.

Below are some of the changes that have taken place on the youtube new outlook and that alone adds more to the beauty of the new design.


The header placement of the new design is now at its assumed right place nearly below the search box which was placed at the top of the page. If you look at the new design very well you will discover that it even looks like there is no header on the page but that is not so. It is right below the search box and it has options like the ones below right on the header tab.

  • All activity
  • Subscriptions
  • Recommendations

Logo Placement

Youtube logo in the formal design is at the left side of  the computer screen just like the same way it is now but there is little differences in its location and design. The new logo size is a bit smaller than the formal one and that adds more value to the page.

Search Box

The new youtube search box is more or less of a long boxed search box. It is longer than the old version and it is very small in width and looks stylish.

Recommendation Box

Another great change in the new design of Youtube is the relocation of the recommendation box. Now the box is now placed on the header side of the page alongside subscription options and others. Apart from the box, the videos that youtube recommend for you to watch are located at the bottom of the videos from your friend’s wall on facebook.

Adverts Placement

Youtube adverts and video displaying option is only thing that has no changes at all. It still occupies the same location that it was earlier before It still assumes it right position at the top right side of the page.

What’s New Page

Though, it is still on the same location but the new design relocated it to the end of the page instead of the top right side of the page it used to be.

Some Other Changes Noticed

Here are some of the new changes that took place in the new youtube channel page.

Facebook Integration: The new youtube allows users to post their videos to facebook without much stress with the option that shows facebook button where you can click to send the video to facebook. It will also show you latest new videos that your friends on facebook recently uploaded so that you can watch it right from youtube.

Easy Video Removal Option: You can remove videos that are showing on your youtube page if you think it is not good for your eyes. Maybe one of your friend upload a video that is bad for you to watch like porn videos or something else, you can use this option to remove it from your wall forever. To do this, place your mouse pointer on the image and you will see a star (+)icon, then click on it and the image is no more on your youtube channel profile page.

Watch Video Later: Before, if you want to watch a video later, the option is available but not that easy for a novice to know how to do this but the new youtube is very easy to use. You can schedule video to watch later when you want it. Just point your mouse on the video and you will see a bigger plus sign at the right button side of the youtube screen, then click on it and the video will be schedule for future viewing.

Load More Videos: You can load more videos if some of the ones youtube is showing to you are not okay for you. This option is right at the bottom of the page on the page.

So, these are some of the changes that took place in the new design of youtube so that you can make use of it to enjoy your youtube visit and video watching. If you have any other changes that you think we need to include, please add them in the comment area below and, if you have any problem using the new youtube site, then contact us to help you sought it out.

Thanks a lot for reading. 🙂

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