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How to Attract More Traffic to Your Blog – 3 Magic Techniques for Success

Anybody can create a blog but not everyone who sets out to create their own blog ends up succeeding. The reason for this is because most bloggers focus too much on the aesthetic appeal and content and forget about...

Top Keyword Research Tools That Most People Do Not Know About

Ever since Google introduced its Hummingbird update, many people believe that keyword research is now dead and it is sufficient to write content that is original and relevant instead of trying to please search engine algorithms. The real fact...

3 Great Tips – How to Build a Better Blog

Blogging is the entire buzz now, and even though it was started solely as a means of sharing personal information with friends and closed ones there are now 152 million blogs in the blogosphere with a large percentage of...

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Adam Connell is a blogger whose focus is on giving the strategies and resources needed to accelerate the growth of a blog. Here is a simple guide on how to create a blog. His Twitter handle is @AdamConnell.
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