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  • 10 Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks For Web Developers

    Want to create responsive websites fast and effortlessly? Responsive HTML5 frameworks are an apt solution you can look up to. These frameworks are bestowed with incredible features. These are renowned for solving complex programming in less time. The best part is, they reduce the tasks of repetitive coding. One more thing, they are widely used […]

  • Ultimate HTML5 Cheat sheet for Web Designers – infographic

    The HTML5 has really added a bewildering array of choices of new tags to explore for Website Designers. Check the cheat sheet below made available by Techking. It is termed as the “Ultimate HTML5 Cheat Sheet For Web Designer” which when you use it, will help you know the different array of tags that have […]

  • Google Plus: How and Why You Need to Add Google Profile to Your Blog

    There are lots of things that many people has said lately about Google plus affecting website SEO. Either true or false, that Google+ can influence website authority search engine especially as Google, we are going to understand well in this article. Google+ Profile! What is it all about? Google plus is known as a new […]