11 Indispensable Web Design Interview Questions and Answers

So, you’ve got an interview for your dream job as a web designer. How do you go about preparing? The best way to prepare for a web design interview is to run through some practice questions and come up with your best response so that you’re ready for the real thing. But before you get […]

Mastering Interview Blunders: 6 Expert Tips To Ace Your Next IT Interview

The job market is competitive regardless of your area of expertise. If you’re hunting for your next IT job, then you may find yourself up against other smart, motivated, and qualified candidates. That’s why it’s important to put all your effort into the interview to prove that you’re not just another face in the crowd. […]

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 – Special Video Edition

In this video are all what you need to read about the man of the people, formal Apple’s CEO and Co-founder, Steve Paul Jobs. You can also read Steve Jobs biography here or you can follow the video below to learn some basic things about the man who makes the internet and the techno world […]