AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at Once

TECHATLAST – AngloGold Ashanti, well referred as AngloGold, says it is considering strategies to restore lost staff morale which “may” have been destroyed due to wide ranges of restructuring the firm went through last year.

The chairman of the JSE-listed gold mining company said while assuring the company’s interest in re-engineering working systems with aim of enabling/improving productiveness in the company.

AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs' Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline
AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at once

Last year, the company took away $500 million from part of the company’s operation costs for one and half years. The firm took the decision which has negatively affects the company operations. About 40% of the staffs were laid-off at the company’s head office and regional offices.

The decision came immediately after the appointment of Srinivasan Venkat, the company’s new CEO, at the time. The position was formally held by Mark Cutifani, who left for Anglo American.

In his statement, Pityana explains in the company’s latest annual report saying:

“While absolutely necessary, this was a difficult and painful procedure. AngloGold will ensure that its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen to all stake holders and the physical environment are not compromised.

With this move, AngloGold is set to restore high level of enthusiasm, confidence, and discipline of staffs towards achieving the company’s visions all at the same time.

I pray this goes as planned.

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2 responses to “AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at Once”

  1. Joseph Avatar

    Restructuring is always a neccesary part of running a company and while most people may not agree, it is absolutely necessary if a company has to stand the test of time.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes you’re right Joseph. AngloGold is working on fixing that. I like the move

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