What Are The Benefits of Using Automated Labeling Systems for Your SMEs?

In the past, a product with a slightly misaligned or misprinted label could still be sold on store shelves without an issue. In today’s more consumer-aware climate, though, even the slightest defects could mean a huge loss for your company. Thus, it’s crucial for manufacturers to look into systems with highly accurate linear stages that can make this process more efficient. If you’re not convinced that an automated labeling system can benefit your company, read on to learn what you could stand to gain from one.

What Are The Benefits of Using Automated Labeling Systems for Your SMEs?

Automated Labeling Systems
Having automated labeling systems in place can help your business in so many ways. It could reduce labor cost, improve efficiency and prevent error and scraps on printed company labels. Investing in it has a lot of benefits to offer.

Increases Overall Productivity

Aligning labels by hand can be an incredibly time-consuming task, one that doesn’t challenge your workers in terms of learning and practicing more valuable skills. To make matters worse, hours of manual labor could cause your personnel to develop repetitive stress injuries. Not only can this decrease your throughput, but you might also end up dealing with worker’s compensation claims. By offloading this work to an automated motion control system instead, you can spend more time training your employees on operating and maintaining the machines. Additionally, your employees can now spend their freed-up time pursuing more productive goals to help improve your company’s workflow, too. 

Saves on Labor Costs

Automated Labeling Systems Helps You Save on Labor Costs
Automated Labeling Systems can help cut down on labor costs without affecting the output quality.

Even the fastest employees in the world have limitations in terms of how much work they can finish in a day. Now that there are automated solutions, it makes much more sense to use machines for these repetitive tasks instead. All you need to do is to install and set up the right machines, and your production line is good to go. Though there is an initially large capital involved, you’ll soon start saving on business expenses with just a few production runs. You’ll no longer need to hire tons of personnel in order to take care of your company’s labeling needs.  Thus, you won’t have to spend as much money on employee recruitment, training, salaries, and benefits. Additionally, machines can continue working 24/7, which means you can keep your production line going for longer periods of time. As a result, you’ll gain higher throughput without sacrificing your workers’ health. 

Minimizes Errors and Scraps

Automated Labeling Systems saves you from error.
Automated labeling systems saves you from committing unforgivable errors during production. It is an automated system and thereby simplifies the process.

Printing and applying labels on thousands of products is no easy task. Even the slightest misalignment may not pass today’s rigorous manufacturing standards. Though a worker with enough training and skill can pull it off with enough accuracy, there is still some room for human error. However, automated processes rely on machines that can provide precise torque and positioning even at incredibly high speeds. Thus, you’ll need a high-quality system that can do the job right on the first try. Settling for a machine of lower quality may just cause damage to the label and the product, setting you back rather than streamlining your workflow.

Manufacturers are constantly looking into using the latest motion solutions to increase their company’s output and profits. It makes perfect sense, then, that you should also upgrade your labeling process to guarantee only the best quality products for your clients and consumers. Switch to an automated system now and you’ll be sure to reap the many benefits for years to come.


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