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6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelance Designer

Becoming a freelance designer is not tough, being successful is. There are a lot of professionals who want to ditch the office and start working independently. While some have a smooth ride doing freelancing, most others have to face a hard time for lack of knowledge required to navigate the domain. If you’re ready to slog it out without feeling dispirited, take a jump into the freelancing bandwagon else find a job and ply your trade.

Before becoming a freelance designer, you need to know that the market is saturated and getting good work would be a challenge. As a freelancer, you not only have to worry about the work part but also have to get projects. The ray of hope is, a lot of brands and companies prefer to get their work done through freelancing and that’s where you will have a chance.

So, if you’re ready to work hard, then a career as a freelance designer is for you and only then should you jump into this ultra-competitive space. Once you’re committed, opportunities will happen automatically for sure.

Here are some key tips for becoming a successful freelance designer:-

How to Become a Successful Freelance Designer

How to Become a Successful Freelance Designer With Ease
Success is not a day task, you have to build on a day to day failures to arrive at it. Same applies to become a successful freelance designer, you can’t cheat your way up – you just have to know the specifics and follow them. Here you go!

1. Brand yourself

Banding is perhaps the first step in becoming a successful freelance designer. Unless you promote yourself, how can the world know you exist? You need to create a profile of yourself and post it across platforms/sites where other freelancers exist. Further, it’s important to showcase your skills, knowledge, design samples and experience so that prospective clients can get notice of you and your work. The focus should be on being everywhere clients come and look for freelancers. From social networks to job sites, your resume or CV or profile has to be there for clients to find you easily.

2. Create an impressive portfolio

It’s your work that will get you freelance assignments. Your body of work, experience with projects and knowledge of designing will bring you the notice of clients or companies looking for freelancers. That’s why you have to create an impressive portfolio and focus on having a solid online presence. The portfolio you create will basically have all your projects and designing experience outlined for the world to see. This will give a good idea about your designing competence which is the only basis of bagging freelance assignments on the web. So, create the portfolio and boost chances with freelancing.

3. Have a tangible portfolio ready for the offline world

Not all freelance opportunities would happen online. Some will come to you via offline or in the physical world as well. To grab them, you need to be ready with a tangible portfolio which may include business cards, resume, print catalogue, etc. Having such a portfolio comes very handy when you meet someone in person, and you want them to have a look at your work. This will also be quite effective in cases where you’re having a meeting with a lot of clients personally. Such a portfolio with a logo will get your branding done and help win projects easily.

4. Take the initiative and reach out to people

Being a freelance designer means you have to win projects and clients all by yourself. Nobody else is going to help you find work. That’s why being pro-active and taking initiative will help. Basically, you have to think like a professional and focus on reaching out to people to get your skills and knowledge and experience noticed. Similarly, freelancers are required to go the extra miles to woo and win customers. This is when referrals and word-of-mouth do happen which remains the best bet for getting work. So, don’t hesitate a bit in taking initiative if you want to succeed in the game of freelancing.

5. Be ready for the opportunity in any size

When you start out, the chances of getting a lucrative designing project will be low. Even if you have skills and creativity, that won’t help impress clients looking for an expert designer to do their job. This should never dishearten you and the focus should be on getting any designing work irrespective of the scale and size. You can start with small projects which will help you network with more people and that fetches good work gradually. It’s all about doing quality work and getting noticed as this is how your freelancing career can achieve a new high for sure.

6. Focus on gaining new skills all the time

Only new skills can keep you relevant in the market as a freelance designer. If you’re ready to learn new trends in design, you will keep getting projects in plenty. For that, it’s important to be receptive to new ideas, read blogs, paper over articles in the niche and see what is going on in the industry. Only that can help you be ready to deliver the best of WordPress development services to clients.

Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast who has written many topics in the related field. Akshay's latest project is by offering WordPress development services to India for clients.

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  1. thanks for sharing us a greatful information i like all the tips bt i like the most tip is that “Create an impressive portfolio” thankuh once again

  2. This was a great post! Very helpful points you brought up. I can definitely see how I can utilize some of these. I have done some freelancing in the past but it was not by choice to be honest – people were just sending me clients. But I had not decided to get heavily involved in freelancing. I’m changing my direction now and have decided to get more involved in the field … so this has helped me a lot in many ways already.

    Now, I have the boldness to approach people and promote my freelance design career.

  3. this blog is very helpful to start freelancing. kudos to the writer for sharing it as many people wants to start freelancing in design .


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