Brazilian Company Gradiente launches Android based iphone in Brazil

Yupeee! iPhone gets launched. What? Thinking that I have gone mad because Apple’s latest iPhone was launched two months back, and I am excited to inform you about the launch now ? Well, please don’t think so. I am normal! iPhone seriously gets launched just, but it’s not from Apple.

Confusing that how iPhone can come from any brand, other than Apple? Let me clear the air that this iPhone comes from Brazilian consumer electronics maker Gradiente, and is available only in Brazil. This  iphone by the Brazilian company is not based on iOS, but runs Google’s mobile operating system Android.


Well, ‘iPhone’ is a trademark of Apple and is known to be the best smartphone on the earth. Now as the Brazilian company is using the same name for its products, then it is quite possible that we will be seeing some legal activities between two firms.

In fact, Gradiente knows about the legal disturbance between it and Apple, because of using the brand ‘iPhone’ for its products. Therefore the firm cleared that its Android based iphone is not going to face any object from Apple, as they hold the rights for using brand name ‘iPhone’ for its products. Company firther cleared in a press release that, to ensure the proper respect for its Android based iphone, it is taking necessary measures.


Gradiente made clear that they had applied for ‘iPhone’ trademark in the back 2000. They got the rights to use this brand in its products in 2008, and will hold the rights till 2018. This made them to come up with Android based iphone in Brazilian market. Of course, if it goes well, then we will be seeing more Android based iphone products in the near future, in Brazil.

The original article maker Apple, has not objected anything on this. As the report says, Gradiente has full legal rights to hold the ‘iPhone’ trademark in Brazil. Analysts say that there would not be any lawsuit from Apple on this matter, but yes, as Brazilian market means a lot for Apple’s products and its smartphone ‘iPhone’, so it may be possible that Apple will be paying an attractive amount to Gradiente to get the rights. Who knows?

Features of Android based iphone ‘Neo One GC 500’

The first smartphone from Gradiente in its ‘iPhone’ series is Neo One GC 500. As stated earlier, this smartphone does not run iOS, but is an Android based iphone. Of course, one can expect to see good popularity of this Android based iphone for some initial time. ‘iPhone’ brand will surely show its magic, but how long it will run successfully in the market, depends on its features set.

Neo One GC 500 runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. It is a 3G UMTS mobile based on a 700MHz single-core ARM processor with 2GB of RAM. The screen offers 320-by-480 resolution. It comes with MTK / ARM processor clocked at 700 MHz. The internal storage is 2GB, but one can expand it up to 32GB via microSD card.

The brand name iPhone is not used in the same sense as Apple uses. Instead, it’s Android based ‘iphone’. Mind the lower ‘P’ in the trademark used byGradiente.

Well, the Android base iphone nowhere touches the genuine iPhone. This smartphone may get nice hits from users in Brazil, but it this was released in U.S., it would had been nothing but a poor low-end device.

The price of this Android based iphone is set as $291.





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