Should You Repair Your Broken Mobile Phone or Upgrade Entirely?

You check your bank account, and while the news isn’t surprising, the number isn’t exactly a welcome sight, either: you’re broke, down to your last chunk of change.

The problem?

You have a broken mobile phone in your possession, and restoring mobile functionality into your life is going to require an investment of some sort. The question becomes simple: what’s the least expensive and headache-free way of getting things back to the way they were? Should you repair your broken mobile phone or upgrade to a new one entirely?

Broken Mobile Phone, which way to go?How to upgrade broken mobile phone

Advantages to the Full Upgrade

No matter how “broke” you consider yourself to be, there are advantages to the full upgrade to a new mobile phone. For starters, a new mobile phone is less likely to break; your repaired mobile phone might have a tendency to repeat its same mistakes. For another, today’s mobile phone plans are often not nearly as expensive as you think, as long as you purchase them with long-term contracts.

In some cases, a full upgrade to a new mobile phone might be the only cost-feasible way of ensuring you have a mobile phone to use – especially if your old mobile phone’s repairs are going to cost you an arm and a leg. You can also sell your old phone online to cover some of the cost of the new phone.

Advantages to Repairing Your Mobile Phone 

Of course, sometimes repairing your mobile phone is the only cost-effective way out of your jam. If you can pay a friend to fix your phone for a fraction of what an electronics outlet – or the manufacturer – might request, then you can not only save yourself a lot of money, but you can save yourself the commitment of a new mobile phone.

Whatever your solution, don’t throw away the idea of simply upgrading to a new mobile phone. When you weigh the pros and cons of each choice, you might be surprised to see which option wins out.

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