10 Craziest Technologies from the CES 2013

The International Consumers Electronics show is a floor where latest world technologies are being showcased. This was where the Camcoder and the VCR first show up. Those technologies come, and you start wondering how you had survived without them. The gala for the CES 2013 kicked off last night and today being Tuesday 8th January, the event proper has begun. At the event, we have been able to spot 10 technologies that will keep you wondering. Let’s go ahead to see them in a jiffy.

CES 2013

Here are the 10 coolest technologies at the CES 2013

Self Driving Car by Lexus

CES 2013 Self Driving Car by Lexus

As you can see, this is coming first on the list of the CES 2013 mad technologies, Lexus Advance Safety Research Vehicle is a car designed to drive without human interference. Mark Templin, the General Manager, Lexus said “machines can handle simple tasks…sensing what’s around you and understanding it is vastly different.” I know you will want to look for this car in market immediately after the conference, but sorry, at the moment, the research is yet to be completed by Lexus.


CES 2013 HAPIfork from HAPILABS

As you know, health is wealth, religiously maintain your health and you will live longer. At the CES 2013, HAPILABS is showcasing a gadget that monitors your eating habit; you get a buzz when this machine discovers that you are faster at slotting food into your mouth which is an attribute of unhealthful eating. HAPIfork monitors how fast you take bites, how many bites you take and how long you are taking on a meal. You know, eating slowly will aid complete digestion, and keeps trim of you. Jacquest Lepine says, “You don’t have to bother your mind for that assignment.”

The device will be available in April at the rate of $99.

Panasonic Viera TV

CES 2013 Panasonic Viera TV

When you turn this TV on, a built in camera will identify your face and will automatically bring your favorite apps and features on the home screen. Flicks photos from your iPad device to the TV, surf home shopping networks, video chat, and edit photos on your latest Panasonic hottest entertainment plasma device showcasing at the CES 2013.


CES 2013 Trakdot

You better get this device if you are predisposed to loosing things, this gadgets helps you track your luggage. You will pack it in your checked luggage, it has a SIM card which will transmit location data, and fish out your luggage in case you forgot it somewhere or mistakenly carted away to another location. You can make us of the app to track its location via web, email and text updates. It goes for $50, alongside $13 service fee and available after the CES 2013.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

CES 2013 Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

This smartphone glasses runs on Android, it allows you to make calls, watch videos and navigate via a computer interface. It will be available by summer as the price will be announced then. It is presently at Las Vegas as one of the cool technologies at the CES 2013.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

CES 2013 Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

The Delphi technology is a smartphone app for vehicles. It will be coming first on Verizon, this app will help you run a diagnostic on your vehicle, shut down engine in case of theft, track the vehicle to any location, all via your mobile phone. You can even remotely pop the trunk as well as lock you vehicle doors with this technology. It is showcasing at the CES 2013. It will be made available within the next few weeks.

Lenovo Horizon 27

CES 2013 Lenovo Horizon 27

This is a 27 inch Lenovo tabletop touchscreen interpersonal computer, which could be operated by up to 4 people at a time. The device is running Windows 8, packaged with air hockey paddles, joysticks which turn this tablet to a game table. It is specially created to unite family. It will be made available by this summer and priced starting from $1,699. Presently at the CES 2013.

Samsung NX300 Wi-Fi Camera

CES 2013 Samsung NX300 Wi-Fi Camera

This is new from Samsung; the camera is compatible with Android and iOS mobile apps. You can instantly publish photos on Instagram and Facebook. Use the wireless device to push photos to your computer and mobile phone. A new internet connected camcoder that boasts of a live stream is also coming. The debut date and price will be announced after the CES 2013.


CES 2013 Sculpteo

Sculpteo is carting away the CES 2013 Design and Engineering Best of Innovations Award. The application helps you to customize your complex iPhone case which will be printed in 3D by the company and will be shipped to you. Will soon be available on Android. It is now selling at $24.

Flower Power by Parrot

CES 2013 Flower Power by Parrot

If you own a flower garden but lack the knowledge of tending house flowers, this gadget helps monitor your flower conditions against an ideal environment and gives you a report via your iPhone app.

These are some of the unimaginable technologies from the CES 2013.

Are these innovations really crazy to you? Hit me your word through the comment box below!





7 responses to “10 Craziest Technologies from the CES 2013”

  1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
    Olawale Daniel

    NICE compilation bro, thanks for keeping us posted about the #CES2013 event..

    I will be right there live next year to witness it 🙂


  2. diet food Avatar
    diet food

    wow..Samsung NX300 look like classic camera. modern and classic combination..very nice

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      What I am yet to get is the pixel power, I know the camera is definite going to be great. Samsung rocks.

  3. James Avatar

    Amazing list of technologies.I really love this camera and the best part about this is that we can publish pics on Facebook and Instagram.I am just waiting for the price release.Among all the technologies that have been mentioned i think the Lenovo Horizon 27 is the craziest of all and this will be a stepping stone in the computer world.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Yea, Lenovo is becoming the father of creativity these days. The Horizon 27 is a real concept that got me stunning. Hope the Samsung camera won’t get too expensive. thanks for commenting.

  4. Steve Avatar

    Samsung NX300 Wi-Fi Camera is definitely my cup of tea. Since I love photography and editing this is the best gadget I can get for myself in coming here. I am really waiting for its complete specification and price. Thanks for such wonderful share!

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      You are welcome, we will get you posted as soon as we get any information.

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