How to Extract and Recover Deleted Emails and Contacts From OST File

Sometimes we might find some contacts which are not useful for us and at that time we delete those contacts from OST file. However, if the data is deleted permanently then, it means that it is removed from the server and hence, there is need for some solutions by which a user can recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file.

NOTE: The deletion may be any i.e., permanent and temporary. Therefore, it is mandatory have solutions which recovers data from both type of deletion methods.

Need to extract contacts from OST file? Read on...

How to Recover Deleted Emails & Contacts from Deleted OST Folder

Below-mentioned are the queries given by some clients who are using Outlook in their daily life:

Query 1:

I deleted one important contact from Outlook contact folder. I have no idea how can I restore that contact. Please anyone help me in getting back that contact because by mistake I had performed shift deletion into it.

Query 2: 

I have deleted my few contacts from Outlook OST folder but now I want to regain those deleted data from OST file. Please share your views so that I can recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file.

Query 3:

Due to an issue of a fatal error i lost all my OST file contacts. I have no idea how to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST. I want my lost contacts back without any loss of data. Is their any solution to recover those lost data from OST file.

Query 4:

I had deleted some of my contacts which were not useful for me in OST file but now I want those items back in my Outlook profile. Therefore, I am in search for a solution by which I can fix my issue as soon as possible.

Approaches To Restore Contacts From OST File

Well, the solution to extract deleted contacts from OST file is dependent upon the fact that whether the contacts are temporarily deleted or permanently. If contacts are temporarily deleted then, we can use manual approach to regain it but, if there is permanently deletion then we have to go for automated approach to regain it.

Solution 1: Manual Approach to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST

1. Firstly, open MS Outlook on your machine and then go to the Deleted Items folder.


2. After that select those contacts which you want to recover from deleted items folder. We’d be using Isabelle Couteleau – Schmitz contact as seen below that it has been successfully recovered.


3. Now Right-click on selected contact and choose Move option from the context menu, then select Other folder option.


4. A window of Move Items will display in front of you. From this window, you can explore the OST file where you want to recover deleted contacts. Then from the list of items, Select Contacts option and after that click on OK button.


5. Now you can see that the selected contacts had disappeared from Deleted Items folder of Outlook and is moved back to its original location. Therefore, now you succeeded in restoring deleted contacts from Outlook deleted items folder.

Note: To perform the above mentioned steps, you need to perform the procedure in an active Exchange environment.

Limitation of Manual Approach

The solution described above is not relevant when we want to recover large amount of data. This method is complex, long, and take a large amount of time to restore deleted contacts from OST file. This approach can be used only to recover temporary deleted contacts. It is not applicable when you want to restore absolutely lost contacts from this approach.

Solution 2: Automated Approach

To overcome limitations of manual method, the best suited approach is to use a third party utility. One such utility is OST Recovery Tool, which allow users to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file without any loss of data. There are many trust worthy features provided by this recovery tool and these features are very useful while restoring data from OST file. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Retrieve OST Data: This tool can recover entire data of OST files like deleted contacts, emails, tasks, calendar etc. After restoring data, the tool provide option to save it in PST format and make it accessible in MS Outlook.
  • Extract Selected Items: OST recovery tool provides a feature to restore only those items which we need to recover. To extract selected items from OST file, we just need to check the desired items and proceed further to save them in PST file format.

Maintain Meta Data:

This tool maintains meta properties like To, Cc, Bcc, send data and receive data etc. Software guarantees that not even a single bit of data will be modified while performing recovery and original formatting will be same throughout the process.

  • Scan OST File: This tool has two scanning modes to handle damaged OST file i.e., quick scan and advanced scan. If a client is having less corrupt OST file then, Quick scan is used; else Advanced scan for major corruption. By default, the tool performs Quick scanning.
  • Generate Preview Of Data: After scanning of file, tool generates a preview of all OST file data like contacts, emails, tasks, notes, calendar etc. It generate preview of all OST file components with its item count.
  • Several Ways To Export Messages: This tool provides multiple export message option to save the recovered data. You can extract your lost OST file in multiple email messages format like PST/MSG/EML by using this tool.


In this post we have discussed about two approaches to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file. One can use manual approach for recovery of deleted contacts but it is applicable only for recovering temporarily deleted contacts and is also difficult to use. Therefore, we recommend you to go for automated approach because OST recovery tool restore deleted emails & contacts from OST file. The software is independent from the fact that whether the data is temporarily deleted or not. This tool does not modify contacts data and also not require any type of the server for working.

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