Facebook wants you to see what’s trending in 5 topics

Facebook trending newsFacebook continues its organizing experiment by adding Trending area on its homepage which user can view by different topics. The experiment has started since April.

As at now, the social media giant has five view-able topics that users can switch between — All News, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics.

Presently, the social network has five topics that users can toggle between — All News, Politics, Science and Tech, Sports, and Entertainment — and are represented and displayed by small, noticeable icons, including an old-school film camera to denote Entertainment, a stock market graph to represent All News, and a soccer ball icon to represent Sports.Facebook Trending Topics ALL NEWS

Facebook Trending Topics EntertainmentFacebook Trending Topics Sports

It is obvious that Facebook normally spends a few week to test out experiments for perfection before rolling them out, so expect to start seeing this update on your homepage any moment from now.

And while many may see this as nothing big from Facebook, it symbolizes yet another excellent move by Facebook to become a rich media news distribution platform all over the world. Back in May, for example, the company released an update that enable its partners such as The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, BBC News, and the The New Your Times with an editorial platform to publish instant and engaging content to its users with features like zoom and tilt along with auto play videos.


  1. Day by day Facebook changes new, but still i didn’t see anything like this. I hope, it would be effect soon. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  2. Hi Daniel!

    This article is interesting to read, the topic is easy to understand since Facebook is a well-known app with million users worldwide. Keep it up!

  3. This is amazing…although, it all boils back to facebook’s hidden agenda to push more ads in front of the audience while limiting engagement for non-paying users.

    But thanks anyway for updating us

  4. Facebook become better day by day and it is a very good feature by Facebook. Thanks for sharing this info with us. Now we can update us with surfing on FB.

  5. Thanks for sharing such beautiful with us. I hope you will share some more information about Facebook to see what’s trending in 5 topics.please keep sharing.


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