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FireFox 5 Released -Reasons to Download Mozilla Firefox 5

Barely three months after the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla has released its new web browser Firefox 5 on this week. The new Mozilla Firefox 5 has new cool features that make it more easier to use thna the formal one, and one of the notable feature of it is th e ability to work both on personal computer and mobile phones (the new release supports android and some other smart phones and it can also work on your pc).

Here below are the cool features that you can get from using this web browser.

Easy Privacy Control

It has Do Not Track features which always inform websites servers not to track your details. You can inform the browser to let a particular website track your location and other information while you can also inform the browser to make it not easy for any websites to track you while you are browsing the net.

Very Light and Fast

Mozilla Firefox 5 is known to be more than better when compared to Google chrome and opera web browser because of its easy web loading features which makes it most preferred than any other web browsers. It is faster than both Chrome and opera even at the time when you opened more than 20 web pages at a time, though that is not advisable if the computer that you are using


There is no web browsers that can be compared to Firefox 5 at present when it comes to the security features that it has. You can be very sure of your data safety when you are using Mozilla Firefox5 more better than any other website browsers that is available on the web.

Additional Features

Apart from all know features which Firefox  have when it was first released some months back,Firefox 5 proved that The Mozilla group of web developer are not relenting on their efforts to make people get more from their services by adding more features ranging from security to adding more advanced easy web loading addons and some other that can make your internet browsing a better experience.

Download Mozilla Firefox 5

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