Latest Garage Trends – 8 Interesting Garage Trends to Watch Out In 2019


Every day comes with something new. And innovations do not seem to stop. We get new ideas in every industry that can help to boost performance, efficiency, and adaptability. And homeowners want the innovations that can help them get the best out of their newly-acquired premises.

And, in this article, you will learn about the garage trends that you may want to discover and use for your home. Apart from improving how your garage functions, these garage trends will also enhance your home. Read on to understand what is trending now on garages. Pick what suits you to improve your home garage.

Here are the eighth garage trends you need to know before 2019 comes to an end.

  1. Home Charging Stations
  2. Garage Drainage Systems
  3. Energy-Efficiency in Your Garage
  4. Smart Technology for Your Garage
  5. Garage Storage Systems
  6. Car Lifts to Accommodate More Vehicles
  7. Converting Your Garage
  8. General Esthetics

8 Interesting Garage Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

8 Interesting Garage Trends to Watch Out For In 2019
How to incorporate latest garage trends into your home without breaking the bank. From home charging stations to garage drainage systems, energy-efficiency in your garage to smart technology controlling the whole garage, garage storage systems to converting unused spaces to a productivity hub, and the general esthetics, what is much trendier than these?

Now, let’s get to learn more.

1. Home Charging Stations

More electric vehicles are emerging into the market, and they are getting more affordable than they were in their first appearance. You can tell that more people are moving from hybrid vehicles to use electric cars since they can now cover longer distances with a single recharge.

As a homeowner looking forward to upgrading your car, you may want to install a charging station in your garage for your electric car. You can always recharge when you get home in the evening and reduce the journey to recharge centers.

Garage Trends To Watch - Electric Car Home Charging Stations
Garage trends to watch – An electric car home charging stations is one of the top garage trends to watch out for this year.

2. Garage Drainage Systems

For a long time, we have known the garage to be the place where the family car stays when not in use. People also keep some garden equipment in the garage. You can find the space stuffed up that sometimes it is hard to clean.

For modern garages, you need to think about how to minimize work, maximize the efficiency of the garage, and maintain it clean. Apart from rearranging and creating space for other tools, you need to work on the drainage system on the garage floor.

You will not need to take your car to the auto wash. Clean it right in the garage and the drainage will take care of the runoff water.

3. Energy-Efficiency in Your Garage

With the rise in the price of power across the globe, everyone wants to ensure that their home uses the least amount of energy. Modern garage designs should help you to meet your needs and lower energy loss.

The best way to make your garage energy-conservative is by installing insulators in the walls, ceiling, floor, and ceiling. Carry out garage door repair adequately to avoid losing energy from your home heating system.

4. Smart Technology for Your Garage

Keeping your home secure is not only about locking your house and the gate. Your garage requires working doors to protect the items you keep in it. Apart from the doors, installing a home security system with technology is a necessity in modern homes.

Technology-driven garage systems will alert you in case you forget to lock the garage doors. You can tap on your smartphone app to lock it. Advanced features also alert you in case of an emergency – for example, the presence of smoke in the house.

Smart Technology for Your Garage

5. Garage Storage Systems

Previously, I mentioned how people stuff items in the garage to keep their not-so-needed-for-now accessories out of the way. But it reduces the efficiency of your home. You need to create more space and keep your items safely and make it easier to access them whenever you want them. You also need more space to carry out routine cleaning.

Garage storage systems for 2019 will help you to ensure everything is safe and you have adequate space in your home. Building storage systems will help you organize your garage and create sufficient space while improving its look.

Garage Trends - Garage Storage Systems
Having storage systems in place is one of the best ways of keeping your garage in vogue.

6. Car Lifts to Accommodate More Vehicles

Many homeowners lament over making the wrong choices while buying their homes. Without room for expansion, it is hard for you to keep your old car in the same garage if you want to buy a new one. But this is 2019, and there is already a solution to that.

A car lift is a hydraulic system that lifts your car from the ground and keeps it on the space overhead. You will then have space to keep the other car. The system can convert your home to accommodate more cars instead of paying parking fees at gas stations or leaving your car outside.

Car Lifts to Accommodate More Vehicles
To create more space for parking cars in your garage, you can use a car lift. It is one of the latest garage trends in town.

7. Converting Your Garage

Depending on your home setup, you may have a wide garage that has more space than you need for your family car. Instead of leaving the space unused, you can convert your garage to serve other purposes. You can keep your car in one corner of the room and utilize the rest of the room as a playing field for your children or as a home gym.

In case you sold your car, you can convert your garage to a guest room or a personal home office. As a secluded place, a converted garage will help you keep off the noises from the living room while doing your stuff. The silence and seclusion also make the unused garage preferable for a dinner date with your soulmate.

Garage Trends - Converting Your Garage Empty Space into Great Use
How about converting that empty space in your garage into a greater use? You could convert it to a mini office or study or library. It doesn’t matter, what does is maximizing the output. It is trendy!

8. General Esthetics

The appearance of your garage is now beyond what visitors see from the outside. The interior of your garage also needs a professional and modern touch to ensure that you have the best investment for your home. And this goes beyond paintings and decor.

The use of modern flooring systems will help in maintaining the appearance of your garage for a long time. But what is the secret behind a modern floor? It is not about the colors and texture. Quality flooring should be durable and resistant to corrosion and rust agents.

When applied professionally, flooring materials should give protection against vehicle fluids and salts. The result is a clean and classy garage that is easy to clean and maintain.

General Esthetics of Your Garage Speaks a Lot About You
How your garage looks tells a lot about your personality. Adding attractive colour to the looks of your garage; it is all about staying abreast
of the latest garage trends.

To Sum Up

Indeed, 2019 is soon coming to an end. But as a home investor, you will discover that the 2019 garage trends can suffice your home needs for a few more years. They will not die by the end of the year. You can go ahead and start implementing the one that is necessary for the moment to improve your garage.


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