Gmail Makes 10GB Email Attachments Possible With Google Drive

To have en email account is most important in online life. Email account is like existence of your online life. If you are having account on search giant Google’s email service, Gmail, then here is a good news for you. Now you can send 10GB email attachments in Gmail. This new feature is made possible by integration of Google’s cloud service Google Drive with the Gmail. So be ready to have whole new experience with Gmail.

Google Drive storage increased

This new file attachment limit is 400 times than what Gmail was offering previously (25 MB). Although the users were able to share the large files through Google Drive and still can do the same, but 10GB email attachments limit will enable the users to do it via mail itself, so the person at the receiving end need not to leave the Gmail to access the file.

Moreover, as the file limit has been increased by the integration of Google Drive, so the attached file will be saved in the Cloud, without consuming any space of Gmail storage. Also, the all the users will have access to most up-to-date file.

As you might be familiar already, only the files whose privacy is set to ‘Public’ are accessible by anyone. So the Gmail will alert you if you are sending the file with privacy status as ‘Private’. This feature is same as you get alerted by Gmail when you write the words like ‘I have Attached’ in the email body but in fact, don’t attach any file.

So you must be excited to try this new feature of Gmail. Aren’t you? Well, this new feature is available to Gmail’s new compose window. This new Compose Window is not yet available to all the users. So if you don’t have so, then you can’t enjoy this feature. But thumbs up, if you have got it.

Phil Sharp, the Product Manager of Google announced about it in blog post.




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