Google Releases Chrome 18 with 9 Security Fixes to Bugs

Google, the popular search engine service provider and the creator of the world most used browser, Chrome has just launched the newer version of the browser – Google Chrome Browser 18.

In this new version, there are nine fixes to security bugs that the Independent Researchers came out with after their $12,000 worth research.

If you can recall, Google has paid the independent researchers a total of $12,o00 to conduct a research on the previous version of the application to identify and report the bugs in it – so, this new version comes as a result of their research.Google Chrome 18

Another great improvement in this version falls on the newly update Adobe Flash Player which allows users to set it to automatically update itself whenever there’s new update. That means, you don’t have to wait any more before applying new updates in future. Apart from that, the new flash player in the Chrome 18 comes with an automated and silence software updating feature that lets it update itself without notifications and pop-ups.

Of the nine security bugs addressed in the Chrome version 18, three of them were highly rated with possibilities of giving way for hackers to have their ways on your computer or files transferred from your chrome browser. It mean, if your computer is infected, hackers could use the opportunity to hack your computer at any point in time.

In this new Chrome 18, the full title it has is 18.0.1025.142.

Along with all of the aforementioned security upgrades in the new Google Chrome 18, it is also built mainly to enable faster internet experience with sharper graphics experience as well. If you are already using the new or old version of Chrome browser, kindly click on the twisting icon in the top right hand corner of your browser to select the option that says “About Google Chrome” to confirm your version. If yours is old, you can update from there.

Download Google Chrome 18

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