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Google Fiber Services Launched in Kansas

Google Fiber Services

Google has unveiled its 1 GB per second broadband service and the service is available today in Kansas City. There has also been the launching of another cable television service- Google Fiber TV and these steps will certainly enhance the speed of networks at comparatively lower prices.

Google Fiber TV offers a broader platform for various business applications as well as gives the maximum in entertainment. It gives search options for TV on options such as Netflix. It includes a DVR that has a capacity of storage of up to five hundred hours and that too in 1080 pixels of high definition. You will also be allowed to record about eight shows consecutively on this DVR. The cost of getting it fixed in your home is tree hundred dollars, but surely, Google is waiving it off for those early birds.

Three Packages to Choose from

There are three different packages to benefit from the Google Fiber Service. The first is of 1 GB along with the Fiber TV service at 120$ that also includes a speed of 1 GB per second for uploading as well as downloading. Data cap is not required, and this includes the cloud storage facility of Google. This service engulfs all the broadband channels, the regular fiber TV channels, best movie channels as well as all those channels you demand of. However, Google has not yet specified whether the regular cable TV channels like ESPN or Discovery will be included in the package. With this package, you can even win an Android Nexus tablet because Google is giving it to anyone who signs for this package.

The next package is priced at 70$ a month and the installation fee of 300$ has been waived for this too. This package is targeting people who have a broadband service, and it is extremely close to the first plan with slight variations. Under this plan, you will receive one terabyte storage facility with Google Cloud and 1 GB per second of Speed for uploading and downloading.

The third plan will cater to the needs of the twenty five per cent of the Kansas City Population who are speculated to do not have a broadband connection. The plan is- if the customer is willing to pay the installation charges of 300$, then he will receive a free access to 5 GB per second speed for downloads and 1 Mbps rate for uploads for the coming seven years. This offer will be available only for a certain time, and in case a customer wants to shift to the other plan, he is free to do so.

Virtual Rallies

Google is planning for Rallies, asking people to be hooked on to the net. Even if, forty or eighty households register initially, then Google will begin its process of deployment. Then slowly it plans to sneak in other areas like schools, government concerns, libraries, and other buildings into the Fiber TV network. To make matters clear for the common people, Google has set up its demo-centers by the name of Fiber Space that will try to educate people of the various aspects of benefit of Fiber network.

Google had announced the framework of the project way back in February 2010, and since then, the work has been going on in full speed. This summer it was expected to be launched, but it was slightly delayed. The basic idea that Google was working on was to create a broadband network that will be based on Fiber technology and will broaden the horizons to newer applications. The goal has been achieved finally!

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  1. I would love to try Google Fiber and see how much faster it is. My internet is ok, it’s a lot faster at school with around 200Mb/s upload and download.

  2. Thanks for your sharing?Google Fiber TV offers a broader platform for various business applications as well as gives the maximum in entertainment.It sounds great.

  3. Many thanks to your revealing? Google Fiber TELEVISION supplies a larger platform for various organization applications as well as provides the utmost inside enjoyment. The item seems great.

  4. Well, this entire concept sounds interesting and after all it is google, I must call it the best so far. But there are other competitors to broadband services as well and I dont know how popular google can get with its T.V. broad band service. I would like to wait for the user reviews.

  5. It’s not fair. Google is going to take over the world. Before long, Google will be the definition in the dictionary under the word: “world”. Sickening.

    So, where do I sign up?


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