Google Axed Mashable – Lost Google PR status from 8 to PR0

mashable lost Google Pagerank status to 0Google in its bid to chase every self acclaimed smart marketers out of the business, has stripped Mashable, the popular news and technology blog of its PR status. The top news site before was having Google Page rank status 8th but now the story has really changed, which is a signal for some bloggers somewhere, reading this to also be expecting Google axe if they aren’t doing what Google wants.

Google, as we all know is the father of the internet now, sorry for saying this but we need to be candid and say the reality. Google controls the large portion of the internet business and everyday, majority of the internet businesses depends on it either for traffic or for search term provision and others. For this reason, no one can argue with me that Google isn’t the father of the internet for now.

Mashable, as we heard from a reliable source was said to have engaged in all sorts of link selling activities which is totally against the terms and condition of Google Page ranking algorithm. Google believes that if you send out a link to a website; such website has to be a reliable and related website to your own and some other things – and who knows maybe that is why Google took that action to strip Mashable off of its PR status.mashable lost Google Pagerank

The status as I’m writing this is now back to level zero (PR0 instead of PR8 that was there before). This move will certainly affect a lot of websites online as well because many blogs get backlinks from Mashable either from comments or through mentions and guest posting. So that is a big trouble for the internet world as Google begin changing its algorithm day by day without turning back.

We believe this present situation will give every other person reason to provide quality which Google has preached about this for most of last year that bloggers and website owners should not try to engage in unnecessary black hat SEO link building technique that would cause him (Google) to disrespect their websites, some follow the advice while some don’t and face the consequences.

Half a word is better for the wise…

I believe Mashable will rise from the current level and go back its due position which is among the best and who knows, maybe the next update will see Mashable at PR10 without any comment :). I believe it could happen. Thanks for reading and happy blogging

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