Having a High Tech Home

Having a High Tech Home

People’s homes reflect their personal style and what they like. Some people like to fill their home with rustic style decorations and knickknacks, and others choose to spruce up their homes with modern furniture and art. Then there are those that set their homes up with the latest tech gadgets to make their home high tech. With technology always changing, there are many gadgets on the market to help you with everyday life, even grow some pretty house plants.

The Front Door

Simply locking and unlocking your door is primitive and low tech; adding a new gadget to your front door will instantly give you a high tech home. While this may not seem like something that could really get high tech, the people who developed Lockitron have made it a necessity for your high tech home. Lockitron can easily be installed on your door’s dead bolt and you can control it using the app on your phone. Using the app, you can easily lock and unlock your door, give access to your friends, and have access to your door anywhere in the world. If someone knocks on your door or unlocks it, even with a key, you will receive a message letting your know. It also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi so you don’t have to use your key to unlock the door; simply walk up and the device will recognize your phone and unlock for you. The makers of Lockitron have made sure that this is a safe and secure way to manage your door. They use the same technology as what is used in banks, and if you lose your phone, you can deactivate or change the account.

House Plants

A lot of people choose to add in some house plants even though they don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to taking care of plants. Now, you can easily grow your favorite flowers, greenery, and food using an electronic garden. Click and Grow is an electronic garden that lets you grow different plants by simply plugging in the batteries and adding water. The smartpot rations the water in the water basin and distributes it automatically to the plant so that it is never over watered or thirsty. If it needs a refill on water or new batteries, it will blink blue for water and red for batteries. Once your plant runs its course, you can install a refill cassette of the same or different plant you want. Since the smartpot does everything automatically, your new plant will instantly start growing. Although Click and Grow doesn’t technically click, it is simple and easy way to make even your house plants high tech.

Learning Thermostats

The Nest learning thermostat will make you and your home the coolest on the block. Nest is able to learn when you are home and away to help you save money. When you download the iOS app you can easily control your thermostat no matter where you are, letting you cool or heat your home when you are on the way home from work. You can also manage your home’s temperature straight from your laptop or tablet letting you cool off while still sitting on the couch. The learning thermostat creates a scheduled based on your past comings and goings and automatically sets itself to make sure you are saving energy and money. The nest also tracks your energy use so that you can see a detailed report of how you cool your home so you can make necessary changes to your energy use to save you some extra money.

Security System

Keeping your home safe is very important, and there are ways you can do this besides having a normal burglar alarm. The Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master system will keep your family, and home safe. The security system gives you a high definition, wide angle video of the inside and outside of your home. Along with having several video cameras, you can also set up to 16 different motion detectors around the outside of your home for added protection. You also have the option of recording audio from your video cameras if you need. Viewing your security footage is simple and easy. The system lets you view the footage straight from your computer, tablet, or iPhone. With the Logitech Alert system, you can also back up your records and video/audio file to Dropbox so you can refer back to them later if you need.

There are many different tools and gadgets that you can get to make you home high tech. With technology being an important part of our everyday lives, it is no surprise that it is being integrated into our homes. These tools and gadgets are meant to not only make our lives easier at home, but also to keep us safe. There are plenty of other types of technology you can get for your home, or you can check out different home technology concepts for the future. Electrolux holds their concept design contest every year allowing many young minds to dream up concept inventions like the Impress fridge.

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