High Tech Hotels Around the World

When we travel we want to learn about different cultures, see new things, and have new experiences. One way that some travelers rate their traveling experiences is by the hotel that they stayed at. There are so many different types of hotels that a person traveling abroad can stay at and just about any style as well. Some of these hotels are very high luxury, while others give you a new cultural experience. Then, there are those that are up with the latest trends and are extremely high tech. These high tech hotels will give every high tech travel enthusiast something to tweet home about.

High Tech Hotels

The Peninsula, Tokyo, Japan

It is no surprise that a hotel in Tokyo, Japan doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to being high tech. The Peninsula lets guests have the ultimate tech experience. For starters, there is free high speed Internet wifi, bedside electronic blind controls, and a nail dryer. If you want the ultimate spa experience, simply slip into a nice bubble bath and relax as you watch your favorite shows on the built in flat-screen television, which mutes when the hands free bath-side phone rings. This feature is available in every suite. The Peninsula Suite, includes a personal dining room, mini gym, grand piano, and fully equipped kitchen and pantry to name a few. With a hotel this high tech, it’s no surprise that it has it’s own electronic service department on site. Nightly rates for The Peninsula start around $500-$600 USD.

Upper House, Hong Kong

Hong Kong seems like a natural hub for some extreme technology, and the Upper House in Hong Kong doesn’t disappoint. When guest check into their room, they are each given an iPod Touch that is pre-loaded with games, movies, and apps so they can connect with hotel staff. Using the iPod Touch, you can quickly and easily order room service, get information about the hotel, and get information about different local tourist attractions and destinations. For an extra high tech touch, guests are picked up and dropped off form the hotel in a Hybrid Lexus. If you want to stay at Christmas time, there are chests in the lobby that guest can open like an advent calendar for a nice surprise. Nightly rates at this hotel start at about 3,700 Hong Kong Dollars, $485 USD.

Blow Up Hall 50 50, Poznan, Poland

Staying at this hotel is a work of art, literally. As soon as you walk into the Blow Up Hall, you are instantly transformed into a visual work of art created out of thousands of tiny images of the lobby. This visual art display is what the hotel was created around, and receives its name from the British-Itallian film, Blow Up. Much like Upper House, you are given an iPhone that acts as your key card that opens your specific room using IT recognition technology. The iPhone can also be used to call the concierge, order room service, and even surf the web. Staying at this hotel will allow you to experience a whole new culture and view impressive artwork. You can stay at Blow Up Hall for anywhere from $250 USD to $1,330 USD.

Hotel 1000, Seattle, Washington

With a hotel that promises 1000 points of distinction, you would assume that it would have some pretty high tech features. Hotel staff and rooms know when a suite is occupied. By using infrared technology, the room scans for body heat and then notes “do not disturb when occupied”, letting you rest peacefully without having to worry about someone knocking offering turn down service. Along with the infrared Silent Button, each suite also has an electronic doorbell so that visitors can come and go without disturbing other guests with knocking. Several of the suites bathrooms are simply separated from the rest of the room with glass. Whenever the bathroom is in use, and electronic screen turns on so you can have extra privacy. If you like to relax by playing a couple rounds of golf, you can easily tee up with their virtual gold setting. To top everything off, Hotel 1000 doesn’t forget about your number 1 companion by providing dog beds, food, chew toys and custom made treats. These are just a few of the technological amenities that Hotel 1000 has to offer. Nightly rates start anywhere from $430 USD to $1,030 USD per night and an extra $40 USD for guest with pets.

TheWit, Chicago, Illinois

TheWit hotel makes guests feel like they are wrapped up in technology from the moment they walk in. They have an IP based infrastructure to keep guests as comfortable as possible. The IP system hooks in through their elevator systems and goes all the way to the boiler room. Inside each guest’s suite, sensors are able to detect what temperature is needed in the room and automatically cools or heats the room to make the guest as comfortable as possible. Guests also are able to use the in room VoIP touch screen phones to check their flight information, weather, and connect to hotels staff. Unlike at Blow Up and Upper House, the hotel staff all carries around iPhones or iPads instead of the guests. This way when a guest orders room service, has a question, or needs something else; a hotel staff member is notified immediately. Of course, there is more that makes this hotel high tech, even the public meeting areas are full of technology to help create a real out door atmosphere by having birds or crickets chirp depending on the time of day. Nightly rates start at about $250 USD. Technology has changed the way we do a lot of things, and many customer service providers are using it to their advantage to make guest and customers as comfortable as possible. If you are planning your next trip and want to stay at some super high tech hotels, make sure you budget accordingly, you could even use your own bookkeeping or accounting program to make sure you are able to budget for you high tech vacation. There are plenty of other hotels in the world that try to make you feel like you are the only guest in the world with all of their different technological options.




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