How To Check that A Website is In Google Sandbox

The blogging, the word is no longer for fun only. It has become a good source of online income and many bloggers are taking it as a profession. The success of any blog depends on the traffic that your blog gets. There are various sources from which your blog can get traffic. The best and useful traffic for any blog is the organic traffic, i.e. traffic that you get through the search engines.

Many search engines are rolling over the internet, but Google is the best out of them. If your site is loved by Google, then success is for sure otherwise you cannot think to make money from your blog. The wrong SEO and cheat with Google’s search algorithm can throw your blog in the Google’s blacklist, commonly termed as Google Sandbox by the webmasters.

If you are not getting traffic from Google, then it is possible that your site may be in the Google’s Sandbox. Well, there is not any alert which is going to hit your inbox, when your site gets penalized by Google. You have to do it yourself by using some methods about which I am going to post here.

Google Sandbox Tips for better Search Engine Optimization Ranking in 2012
Google Sandbox Tips for better Search Engine Optimization Ranking in 2012

How Do You Know If Your Site Is In Google’s Sandbox:

1. If your site’s  on new domain and you have not updated it for long, then your site may be in Google’s Sandbox.

2. If you tried to cheat the Google by black hat methods in the past, then your site is in Google’s Sandbox.

3.  If you are getting good traffic from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing; then your site is in Google’s Sandbox.

These were some ways to get indication about penalization of your site by Google. Here are some methods to check it exactly.

1. Use Online Tools

Online tools are there to help you in this matter. Just search about it and you will come across a no. of such tools which can do the task for you easily.

2.Track Your Website

Use traffic tracking tools such as Google Analytics to see the visitors source. If you are getting good traffic for your targeted keywords from the other search engines and no traffic from Google, then your site is in Google’s Sandbox.

3. Use Google Itself

Use Google to see if Google penalized you. Seems interesting, but us the best way to check it. Just open the and search “Site:Yourdomainname.tld”. Use your own domain name with proper extension in the place of Yourdomainname.tld. If Google shows search results, then you are protected, otherwise your site is Google’s Sandbox.

4. Ask Yourself

Google is not going to penalize your website without any reason. So you must ask yourself that whether you gone for any black hat SEO method or link building to get high ranking in short time. Answering honestly all the questions will also answer “Your Website is In Google Sandbox or Not?

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