6 Ditching Points to Make Your Mobile App Successful

In the last couple of years, mobile development has come a very long way. However, as technology is persistently recuperating and introducing enormous products at a rapid pace, there are high chances for developers to make mistakes and endanger their entire project.

To make their mobile app successful and maintain the success, they not only need the knowledge of what to do but also what points they should ditch. Do you know that lots of creative ideas for an app gone with the wind due to some common ditching points? Here, we have gathered some of the major points to ditch from the beginning of the project else they may demolish your app:

How to Make Your Mobile App Successful: Points to Ditch Really Quick!

History of Web Apps Development.

1# Blindfold Trust on Popular Platforms

How many of you all know this that RIM and Palm were also the most important players of the smartphone industry prior to iOS and Android? Very least number of people knows this truth and hardly remembers both OS. Even one of them has already lost its charm in the market and shut down its shutters while the other one is working hard to endure in the market.

Considering both OS as generic life-cycle stories would be wrong because both the platforms have lost their charm at an early stage and died a premature death. Therefore, it is essential for developers not to trust blindly on all the popular platforms rather they should consider every single platform.

2# Don’t Bloat Your Apps with Enormous Features

Do you know that amateur app developers try to include a maximum number of features in the app? Today, you would find most of the smartphones with an exclusive range of features, including GPS, accelerometer and many more.

Therefore, you as a professional developer need to comprehend what you want your app to do, its creative features and how you want it to serve your users. If you are simply trying to develop an application, which tries to take benefit of such multiple functions, they are not going to help your application in any way.

Try to make the first version of your application simple yet effective that mainly aim to meet the requirements of users or the company for which you are developing. Instead of bloating it with lots of features, try to focus on major features and target audience. You can think to add more features in the coming versions of your app.

3# Not Including Analytics

Have you ever imagine launching your website without Google analytics? I think no, right? Then how would you decide to release your application without any analytics? It is must to use an analytics tool like Flurry that helps developers to make data-driven decisions about user experience, design, patterns, and content.

A very old saying “we only manage things we measure”; therefore, you should consider measuring from the beginning. Below, you can find some essential metrics in order to measure within your application:

  • App Crashes
  • Daily Active Users
  • Engagement
  • Average Time Spent Within the Application
  • Retention Rate

Using Flurry, it will be easy for you to measure all the above-mentioned things within your application.

4# Do Not Considering the Monetization                                                                                  

Lots of people think that if they are developing a mobile, users will come to them and pay. You can see there are lots of top downloaded applications that are free of cost, so it is essential that you think about how you are going to monetize from the beginning.

Lots of Monetizing delusions comprise:

  • Ads can help you to monetize
  • Any company will acquire my application
  • Firstly, go for scale and then think about monetization
  • Users would pay for my application

It is better for you to do research on other applications that are same as your category so that you can see how they are monetizing. Are users would like to pay completely for the app or do you have to monetize through in-app purchases? Through all these things, you can clear your point that how you are going to monetize your app.

5# Deficient Testing

Have you heard it that “two are always better than one”? Of course, you may have heard this proverb that also implies on our world of applications.

Ensure that you do not rely only on your opinions while testing you app. You should know that beta testers are also important and playing very significant role in testing your app. They are well-known for offering valuable outside perspective through which you can get help in knowing the issues that your app may have.

You always have to make sure to conduct third-party beta testing of your application. These other views will give your real reviews including both positive and negative. After getting reviews, you can concentrate on reviews that are not fulfilling.

Try to think as per tester’s mind and comprehend where you are going wrong. It will be helpful for you to make an impeccable app in terms of features, performance, and functionalities.

6# Promoting After You Submit It

Do you know that promoting your application is an extremely imperative thing that can make your app successful? You should start promoting your app as early as possible. Do not wait for releasing it and then to begin with promoting part.

According to Dan Counsell of Realmac Software, “you should contact the media around 2-4 weeks earlier you plan to launch your app.”

Moreover, you can send emails and try to make those apps as short as possible and include a little detail about your app and what makes it different. Furthermore, you should also research on your favorite technology blogs and contact any specialized journalist, who already has written such kind of promoting blogs.


Ditch points that are listed above to make your mobile application thriving considering users, press and well monetized. By avoiding these points, you can end up developing an immaculate mobile app that will flourish in the market. You can make your mobile app successful easily as a developer. To do this, you don’t need a college degree or spend years taking special courses to do so, you only need the knowledge of what to do but also what should ditch along the way. The author have tried to do justice to these ditching points to your mobile app success and now is your time to go develop that world-class mobile app.

See you at the top.


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  1. Jan Paul Avatar
    Jan Paul

    Great Points mentioned here for making Mobile App Successful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Advik Naveen Avatar
    Advik Naveen

    With the enhanced mobile community, it’s necessary for every business to produce its applications on mobile platforms and be ready to provide & reach a plan to its customers. But many of people getting failed in this case because of improper developing policy.

    This article helps a lot to make right Mobile App.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks for reading Advik.

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    Rosie Kloe

    Thanks for sharing such essential information. I am also a mobile app developer and i am aware about the massive usage of mobile apps. In this case you really need to find a technology and have to hire developers who are experienced and creative in their work.

  4. Michel Avatar

    Nice post Shahid! As Mobile Industry is growing every businessman should have their own app. It should include neccessary things, not multipurpose thing. It should passes by beta testing.

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