HTC Thunderbolt System Software Updated with v2.11.605.9, ICS is missing

    HTC Thunderbolt is currently one of the favorite smartphone that many people favoured these days. And it has earned itself more accolade all over the whole world because of this reason.

    The good news that reached us at techatlast is that, Verizon Wireless has released an update for the HTC Thunderbolt system software with many fixes and enhancements. But, those expectant users saw their dream of having just an update shattered when they see their Thunderbolt smartphone dressed up with the Ice Cream Sandwich because there was no news of this development of upgrade from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 4.0 Ice Cream thderbolt update

    The current version of the HTC Thunderbolt by Verizon before it was updated was version but now it has received an update version (v2.11.05.9) with a base band of and HTC and Verizon Wireless together had previously encouraged all the users of the Thunderbolt to download the new update software (which contains this OTA and with a new radio and some fixes up to 36MB) which includes:

    Device improvement features:

    1. Before users are having issues with contact ringtone but that have been resolved
    2. The problem with the notification volume also has been improved
    3. Local streaming playback mechanism has been updated as well

    Improvements in Apps & widgets

    1. The ActiveSync has been enhanced.
    2. The Twitter API for FriendStream/Peep has been updated
    3. Now the clock app is included in the All App list.

    How to get the Update on Your HTC Thunderbolt:

    htc thunderbolt

    Verizon Wireless is going to rollout the update and all you need to do is by going to the Settings option of your device and select the Software update->select new. All this will be on air. See below the image of the Software update by Verizon Wireless on HTC Thunderbolt which will take 36.152 MB and about 5 mins to get update.



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