iPad Keyboard Cover, laptop with touch screen features and the whole thing Android; tablets will stay as it is

I couldn’t help but chuckle over these new inventions with so-called new and friendly features. I am referring to the tablets. Thank heavens! They came into existence because definitely they have so much to offer to humanity. Touch screen features, that’s superb! Thousands of apps available and with its entertainment value, really nice product.

Video and camera enhanced, don’t we think this tablet have so many capabilities that make it so versatile? With Logitech’s invention of a cover keyboard that makes it perfectly convenient for typing and encoding messages.

iPad keyboard cover

We certainly wouldn’t need the bumpy keyboard that is in a tablet being exhibited at the 2013 CES as such invention has gotten enough negative reviews already. Let’s think and ask ourselves about it very seriously. Do people really need that tablet with a bumpy keyboard? As mentioned earlier, the cover keyboard of Logitech is much more comfortable and in case of damage, you could easily replace it. What about the bumpy keyboard? You have got to replace the entire touch screen? Perhaps, a laptop with a touch screen function and the whole thing in it is Android could have been created and it would have the entire tablet features. Would that really be an outmoded concept? I don’t really think so. The convenience of typing and encoding and editing is perfectly accorded in the latter suggested gadget than in the bumpy keyboard in the tablet. It is just quite absurd. A spoon is a spoon and a fork is a fork. In the same token, a tablet is a tablet and a laptop PC is a laptop PC. Please don’t give me so much inconvenience eating spaghetti with a spoon, so to speak. If we could only speak to tablets like the beavers in the movie, “Chronicles of Narnia”, I would say to them, “be here for us tablets because you give so much entertainment and usefulness”. However the comfort of typing and encoding and editing all kinds of written communication is within the exclusive capacity of the traditional keyboard. Let me stress my point by even adding the concept of the piano. The musical sound of a piano can never be replaced by an electronic piano because the piano was created in such intricate manner for the fingers’ dexterity. You attempt to adjust the piano and electrify it, then it sounds different anymore that may even become a noise to the ears. I am really hopeful that this piece of writing will reach Apple, Inc. or Samsung, and really take this thing seriously. Who knows, with this invention of a laptop with the entire tablet features, it may create additional billion dollars for them and I may have my fair share for the idea. And as an added feature, the cover may be something that when folded open, the bottom and the top cover touches each other (back to back). And you could still take pictures because there’s a camera at the bottom and the screen is facing you. They would have to make everything ultra thin, even the keyboard. There’s no harm in trying to have this kind of a design. I have not yet seen a laptop with this kind of design so there could really be more patrons to this invention. The CES 2014 wouldn’t be that far of a wait. It would certainly be a special exhibit in that event. Inventors! What are you all waiting for, start the sketching and the planning.

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