TechAtLast Writing Challenge: Win an IPAD 3 or AMAZON KINDLE HD from us

We’re back again with another exciting challenge for people to benefit from TechAtLast. Last year, we organized a wonderful contest, giving out over $1000 in prize to our participants on this platform, and this year, we’re back once again to shower prizes on our readers and friends for participating in 2014 TechAtLast Writing Challenge. The prize budget as at now is over $2000.

This challenge is for serious minded individuals and those who have been yearning for an opportunity to get featured on this blog for years.

Now, you get that chance to showcase your talent and let our readers and the world as a whole know all you’ve got to offer.

Starting from today, the contest is going live and in few moments, we will be explaining how you can benefit from this rare opportunity.

And mind you, we have Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle HD among the prizes for winners!

2014 TechAtLast Writing Challenge

1. Like TechAtLast on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and follow on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

2. Write an quality article ( well researched, well referenced and informative) of 1500-2500 words on Technology How to Guide, Tutorial + images and if possible, include video link to better improve the article.

3. Submit to the site administrator for proper review & publishing. Within 24 hours of after submission, if accepted,  your article will be scheduled for publishing (we’ll inform you of this via email).

4. Share and recommend to your friends once it is live (please do not use bots to increase shares on your content or else, you’d be disqualified immediately).

5. Engage with the readers by answering questions and responding to comments; providing help and solution to questions raised….(and also make sure that all conversation are clean).

Please Note: Comments like “thank you for coming,” “you’re welcome,” “i love your article,” won’t be counted as valid because they increases server load, but instead, answer questions and provide concise help to better elaborate your points in the post.

6. Share more and more…..

How You Get Rewarded for Your Efforts

Our team of moderators will manually look out for the best 3 viral article published by all participating authors. And here are yardstick/factors/signals for selecting those three (3) wonderful and exceptional articles:

1. Social Media participation & interaction: Those are Twitter tweets & retweets, Facebook like & shares, Pinterest pins, Google+ shares & plus ones, Stumbles, Digg and LinkedIn engagements.

2. Total number of reasonable comments on your article with reasonable engagement from other readers.

3. Page views on your post throughout the duration of the challenge.

4. Most popular posts throughout the whole challenge with most shares, likes and retweets on social media.


  • The first position takes an Apple iPad 3 with 32GB memory and WI-Fi version, we could have given an iPad 4, but we will get there someday.

iPad 3 and Kindle Fire HD at Techatlast Challenge

  • The second takes our Amazon Kindle Fire HD, with 32GB internal memory. An Amazon tablet, isn’t that amazing?
  • For all other participants that did pretty well, we have some great and wonderful software products in our library,  you will take a full year license key.

Techatlast customized shirt

  • That is not all, we are considering making few souvenirs (TechAtLast customized) which we will ship to you, they may include (T-shirts, hand bands, Face caps etc.).

All other prizes will be announced as the challenge proceeds, many of our sponsors are already contacting us with great gift items, so you are not here to loose.


The whole team and CEO of VumMedia


Click here to register your details for an account on the website which would include your personal details. And within 24 hours, we shall get back to you if your application is approved or not.

Happy writing!

TechAtLast Team


5 responses to “TechAtLast Writing Challenge: Win an IPAD 3 or AMAZON KINDLE HD from us”

  1. Mia Taylor Avatar

    Thanks for this information and keep up the good work in this website. Cheers!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hey Mia,

      Thanks a million for the commendation 🙂

      We’re just starting!

  2. Charles Omotayo Avatar
    Charles Omotayo

    wow, this is a welcome idea and I support it wholeheartedly. This would give and opportunity to showcase my expertise to the world. The prizes are not only awesome but also enticing…surely I’d be participating this challenge.

    I want to commend your efforts in organizing the program….thanks alot!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You’re welcome, I’m counting on you to come up among the winners! 🙂

  3. Oni Lanr Avatar
    Oni Lanr

    What a great contest, I’ve completed what’s necessary, and what’s left is submitting the article and seeing it go viral. I hope I come up first.

    Thanks for the contest

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