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LG releases the LG EA93 Panoramic monitor with aspect ratio 21:9

As we move along in the world of computer, most devices were built to become smaller and portable, laptops were transforming to become Notebooks and the inches being reduced with smaller screen. Even the home desktop makers were finding something that won’t take much of your home space. This time around, LG seems to break the trend with its new monitor which it called EA93. The LG EA93 panoramic monitor is a 29 inch screen device with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

LG EA93 Monitor

The new LG EA93 Panoramic monitor

If you are lover of a the larger than large screen, the new LG EA93 Panoramic monitor is a choice for you, the screen is proud of its 29 inch display with an aspect ratio of 21:9, bigger than the usual average 16:9 display. The monitor carries a high definition resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels with in-built stereo speakers.

The large LG screen device is good for both multimedia and entertainment, and it can be referred to as a multi-entertainment device

As wide as the LG EA93 Panoramic monitor is, LG never made it bulky, its bezel is super slim, thin and looking nice. It features Super Energy Saving that saves 25% more than the usual monitors of similar size, and the sRGB color expression is 100%. LG has sported a DVI-D port, three USB, an audio and headphone jack, HDMI and display ports on the new LG EA93 Panoramic monitor.

So many features are packed on the wide flat screen, but the most interest is the software. The LG EA93 Panoramic monitor is enabled with a feature that will allow you split the display into four screens. Meaning that you could watch movie on one side, monitor your social network on another, and work with the rest of the display estate.

The maker of the giant wide LG EA93 Panoramic monitor has made it available first in it homeland, Korea at 690, 000 won that is approximately $633, and promises to be make available in the rest of the market later in the year.

What do you feel about the new LG EA93 Panoramic monitor? Are you a lover of widescreen devices that religiously make use of their display real estate, or you love portability?

Let’s hear you out!



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