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Have you ever heard of forum posting before? If no, forum posting simply means, the act of writing and publishing useful information to an online forum (lively) in order to reach out to people’s problem. You might want to ask me that why do forum posting related to SEO. The reason is that, when you can post an information on a web pages (blog or website or an online forum) with an access to add your website links to the contents, it shows that such a site (or forum) can be useful for your website Search Engine Optimization benefits if you do it in the right way.

Top List of Dofollow Forums that Allow Dofollow Signatures

We all know about blog commenting as a great tool in getting quality backlinks to help a blog or a website increases in ranks and authority on the internet.

list of dofollow forums for forum postingBut do you know that you can also make use of forum signatures in getting traffic and back links to your blog? If you’ve already know that, you must also know that not most of these forums which you usually submit comments on are dofollowed! Yes, I mean it, not all the forums on the internet are dofollowed and that is why you need to take time in finding many other techniques and ways to make sure that you build good and quality backlinks to your website on regular basis via any other techniques that you can come across on the net.Today, I’m continuing the series, 201 Ways to Promote Your Website for Consistent Traffic where I will be showing you another technique in getting quality backlinks to your website through forum posting online without hassle.

You would have really heard of Dofollow blog commenting which is necessary to build some good links to your websites. And here, we shall be talking on Dofollow Forum Posting as another essential part of a successful SEO campaign.

Let me ask, What are Forums?

Forums are discussion boards that allow you to post your queries and get answer for your queries from some other people who knows the right answer to that information. And as a forumites, you can as well share your answers to other people’s queries if you can.

Benefits of Dofollow Forum Posting

  • Ability to get quality link juices for your website links to increase your search engine rankings.
  • You will get more people visiting your blog from the forum.
  • The more you are engaging, the better it will be for you in driving traffic to your blog.
  • You will be able to increase your Alexa rank because of the high level of webmasters from the forum visiting your blog.
  • You will be able to get other forumites to review your blog for you and thereby increases your traffic.
  • You learn as you are visiting the place on regular basis.
  • You will decreases your website Bounce Rate in no time as this people will certainly spends more time on your blog than just ordinary visitors does.

List of Dofollow Forums to Comment on for Backlinks:
Wait! Before You Comment and Reply to Threads, take note of this that:
You should know that some of the things that you will do that can make your account to be banned and some of them are below:
  • You must not spam the system
  • Always try to help others with your suggestions and guides
  • Don’t try to be too proud and avoid admin panel deletion with your posts.

Hope this helps? Kindly share your comments below.


  1. I am searching dofollow blog list I found a great collection and Your blog added to my list of do follow blog Commenting. Blog Commenting is a good part of making back links and engaging with other users in same niches. Good Job dude keep it up.

  2. Well written and thanks for sharing the links. I completely agree that forum signatures is an effective method in getting traffic. There are many traffics to increase traffic and this method is becoming very common.

  3. Thanks for the list …….really an useful article collecting dofollow list is the main criteria in generating backlinks and i hope these list will be if great use to everyone

  4. Hey thanks there…. your blog helped me a lot to get my way through having do-follow linkings…. thanks for the share….

  5. This is the great part about forums, they are designed to let you put this type of link in and even anchor text. it’s one of the most important tips for seo, using anchor text. I’ll be sure to bookmark this list so please don’t remove this one for a while.

  6. Forum posting has become one of the best method to generate traffic as well as quality backlinks but only if we will use it in a right way.Forums are use to participate in discussion in relevant to industry if we will use irrelevant forums then it will not help us in any way.
    Great list I found do follow forums and I believe this list will do a great help to all link builders.
    many thanks

  7. This blog is really nice and providing a nice information through the article provided and i like this blog because i got the information which i need indeed.

    • You may said that, most of these forums were serving people what we wrote on the page about them, it now depends on how you see them. Thanks

  8. It is quite common to come across a list of do follow seo blogs. Nice to see a list of do follow forums. Thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks for the work Daniel
    Its really nice list for sharing this list with us.Its really very helpful for us in forum posting.Keep sharing with us.

  10. Many sites beging with a dofollow to attract visitors and then switch to nofollow, when they have enough icoming “juice”. Some blogs on the list are now nofollow.
    Thank you for your list anyway!

    • Yes, some bloggers were doing that because people were spamming their blogs and that could lead to something bad. So, people should stop spamming and do the right thing

  11. Nice list, thank you so much. I agree with other comments, blogs have long been spammed. Its better to just throw out some nice one page websites sitting on different IP’s and self promote in my opinion.

  12. Good Posting , thanks For sharing the forums list, I am searching from last 1 month, but i didn t get actually these list, it s very usefull to all, thank q very much

  13. Good Posting , thanks For sharing the forums list, I am searching from last 1 month, but i didn’t get actually these list, it s very useful to all, thank q very much

  14. I am searching for this last month, but i didn t get actually these list, it s very usefull to all, thank q very much

  15. you have provided such a great list of the websites. It must gave a help to all the bloggers . Thanks for sharing it


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