5 Mobile Apps to Keep You Entertained During Your Downtime

If you’ve ever found yourself with an ample amount of downtime and no way to fight off the boredom, it might be time to update the apps on your phone. With so many amazing apps just waiting to be downloaded and your phone likely glued to your side at all times, you owe it to yourself to stay entertained with these apps. 

Top Mobile Apps To Keep You Entertained During Downtime

Let’s explore them one by one…


Audible App keeps you entertained

Book lovers will rejoice knowing that there’s a way for them to listen to all their favorite books without needing to pack around the actual book. Audible gives listeners access to thousands of book options for low prices, allowing for hours and hours of storytelling.


Amazon digital stores

Sometimes it’s fun to just browse through your wishlist and pick out things you definitely don’t need but would love to fill your house with. Look through clothes, books, games, decor, utensils, or just about anything else you could possibly think of. Buy something for yourself, get a present for another, or just add things to your list that you know you’ll never actually buy. It’s all fun!

Mobile Games

Got any games on your phone? Well, you should. There are tons of different mobile games, many of which are free to download, which provide hours of entertainment. Typically these kinds of games are easy to jump in and out of, and for some games, you can even join other friends online. 

Social Media Apps

What’s the rest of the world up to while you’re sitting on the couch with lots of downtime? Check your social media apps and find out! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube; each of these apps are great ways to connect with the rest of humanity to see what’s going on. There’s also plenty of humor and intriguing topics floating around as well, not to mention all those cat videos. 


Netflix online streaming

Having Netflix on your phone is the perfect way to pass the time and catch up on your current show. With this app, you’ll have thousands of hours of entertainment just inside your pocket. But you don’t have to stop with Netflix. You can download the mobile app versions of Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or just about any other streaming service.

Are You Not Entertained?

These are some of the most popular mobile apps that people continue to download each and every day. You can use them to stay entertained on your lunch break, in the waiting room of a health facility like Northwest Surgery Center, or even just going to the bathroom. Just download and enjoy!

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