Mr DIY series to debuts on TechAtLast in January (EXTENDED)


The date for this series has been shifted to last Monday of this month due to unavailability of the person who will handle the show.

All caps raised up to the newly introduced TechAtLast Tech Guide – MR DIY!

You asked for the TechAtLast “MR DIY” live digital issues fixation session; an audio and video screencast sessions, that will reveal what went wrong, where it went wrong, proof that it did went wrong, how it happened, and how to fix them along with a step-by-step write up to complement the process.

Glory be to God, today we are debuting MR DIY, or simply put “Mr. Do It Yourself”. Your host is your very own, Olawale Daniel, and he’ll be supported by Tomiwa Awoyera in the technical department (one of our intern). Not only that, we will be launching our official TechAtLast media podcast channel towards the end of December, 2014.

That means, starting from January, you’ll be airing us live via the new and first ever TechAtLast media podcast channel; we’ll be featuring experts interviews, news, reports, and major fixes to common tech glitches (with reverence to resources from our Mr. DIY series), along with complementary weekend review of what’s going on all across Africa and the rest of the world in the digital world.

The podcast session is going to be rendered in three different digital format; video, audio and text. We want to make it more compelling, informative, and user-friendly (with ease of access to every readers). It is because you’re in our mind when the idea was conceived, and we will make sure that you will be the cornerstone of its success story. This is why we present different format for your enjoyment.

The first episode will start first week of January and subsequent ones will follow after, airing every Monday of the week. This is part of TechAtLast transitioning into a world-class technology contents service provider, offering fixes to all your tech trouble and challenges with our in-house editorial team ready to help, every Monday of the week.

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Mr. DIY (Mr. Do It Yourself)

Mr. DIY is a user or reader-defined two-ways information dissemination program. All our users are encouraged to submit particular questions that they needed an answer to through our submission page (more information about this soon). Our technical team will manually select questions to be treated by our anchor every week. All answers will be published every Monday through our official Youtube channel (more on that soon) and embedded here on TechAtLast with links.

Our focal points are: Videos Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, How Tos, Fixes, major fixes to common tech glitches and everything-technical.

Update! Click here to submit your questions.

TechAtLast Media Podcast

On this video, audio and text podcast, we’ll be featuring interviews from expert in the tech ecosystem, trending news, custom reports and analysis coupled with futuristic inventions, hangout and news.

Our focal points are: technological inventions, discoveries, futuristic design and concepts, events, analysis, and interviews etc.

Podcast Host: Your host will be Olukunle Moses, the editor-in-chief for TechAtLast News portal, and he will be supported by host of other TechAtLast members to be announced any moment soon.

NB: We have great plans in the pipeline to introduce two new powerful features to TechAtLast, but they are still in the ideation stage. We’ll keep you posted as they unfold.



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