We will not Sell Users’ Photos in new Privacy Policy, Says Instagram

Just check out the yesterday news on web; you will find Instagram everywhere. The buzz is about new privacy policy of Instagram which got just announced, and will be in action from 16 January, 2013. Instagram notified about its upcoming privacy policy in a blog post. The post reads that Instagram has all rights to share user’s private info such as Likes, Username and most important the images. As this is a direct murder of user’s privacy, so this brought a vast anger among all Instagram users, and buzz the waves of web. We also covered a topic on new privacy policy of Instagram at Techatlast.

Seeing much anger among Instagram users on its new privacy policy and huge coverage of the same by web giants; Instagram comes with a statement on its new privacy policy. Instagram states that its new privacy policy has nothing to do something that is getting covered by the web giants and that is putting the users into the clouds of anger. The words in the update has resulted into a ‘confusion’ while nothing like that is going to happen with new privacy policy.


Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram released a new blog post to bring an end to confusion regarding the new privacy policy of Instagram. He stated in the blog post that Instagram had never any intention to sell the photos of its users and nothing such intention is there for future as well. He further stated that “We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.”

Talking further about in his blog post, Kevin stated that Instagram users are only owners of their photos. They are completely independent to set the privacy status to their pictures, that they desire. They can set it Private or Public. Instagram has nothing to decide it here and this decision is solely of user.

We respect that there are creative artists and hobbyists out there alike that pour their heart into production of beautiful photos, and we admit that your photos are your photos.

So what’s this New Privacy Policy is About ?

When the ‘confused’ information about the new privacy policy was shared all across the web,  analysts tagged it as Instagram’s new move to make more money. As the ‘confused’ information is now got cleared by the new post from Instagram’s Co-founder; everyone is eager to know that what is new in the new privacy policy?

Kevin stated on it:

Our intention for updating the TOS was to communicate with everyone that we would like to experiment with innovative advertising that looks right on Instagram platform.

Kevin stated that the new privacy policy is about changing the terms so that they can communicate with the advertisers in a better way, and can make good money. This is totally legitimate and not is by selling users’ virtual property; their photos. For example, they will check that which users any particular user follow. Instagram will promote that business to a particular user, to which, most of people he/she follow, are connected.

Well, as an Instagram user, you need not to worry about your photos to any extent. They were yours and will be the same after the new privacy policy comes into action. New updates regarding Instagram are keeping it in news. First it came into news for pulling off support from Twitter, then for bringing some features and finally, for this ‘Confusion’ caused by the new privacy policy.

I’m smelling hard times for Instagram! Or what do you think guys?



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