OLX.In: Ultimate Destination to Sell and Buy Goods and Services

Olx.in has recently become the ultimate online portal to sell and purchase all sorts of goods and services without any hassle, that too at a single place. As the tag line says ‘SAB KUCH BIK TA HAI’ the website hosts a range of goods starting from a chair to a car. OLX started as an online classified website which allowed users to post classified ads. But today it has become a hub where buyers meet sellers to sell their goods and services.

With the growing popularity of online shopping, it has started to face tough competition but still OLX is the one which has the simplest interface.
The friendly interface allows you to easily contact the seller through his personal advertisement directly. At present OLX offers its services in more than 105 countries and in 40 different languages so no matter if you stay in which city in India, you can easily buy and sell any stuff, ranging from bathtubs to mobile phones in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or any other major city for that matter.olx.in buy and sell service blog

The Plus Points of The Website are:

  • Products and services are classified into convenient categories which help in specialization.
  • The portal has a very attractive interface with colorful ads and banners which generates more audience.
  • You have a MyOLX selection where one can easily control his selling, buying and community activities.
  • You have smartphone support including Android and iOS compatible OLX apps.
  • Available in various languages around the globe.
  • You can even integrate your ads with your social network profile which is bound to generate many more buyers than otherwise possible.
  • The website tracks your location automatically via your IP address and will display you the relevant ads. This is a unique feature which is not available with the competitors.
  • Most importantly it is very easy and moreover free to post your advertisement on the portal. You will be given a private ad space where buyers can contact you via direct comments or e-mail.

Scope for further enhancement

  • The presentation of products could have been even more creative and consumer attractive.
  • While searching for a particular goods or service, both buyers’ and sellers’ classifieds are mixed up in the results which can create a lot of confusion at certain times.
  • Many of the classifieds have incomplete information and ultimately you have to contact the seller on your own via phone or other means beyond the scope of the website.
  • Some of the ads are posted with price mistakes. It would have been very appreciable if there were moderations by the portal administration before the ad is posted.

The Final Verdict:

If you are looking forward to buy or sell either new or second hand goods, OLX is the ultimate destination, provided you confirm the authenticity of the buyer and the seller on your own. It is really an easy and, above all, free of cost way to publicize the goods and services that you desire to sell or buy, to a large consumer base.





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