50,000 People Sued For Downloading Movie Online


Watching latest movies and videos has become more easier with the use of BitTorrent downloading application software on the internet because it can give you free access to download a particular file from the internet for free e.g. video, games, software ( including Windows software and others).

Though, many BitTorrent users usually download files with the help of the application software based-website known as BitTorrent to download such file without paying a single dime for it, which means that they’re getting the file for  free (imagine, an application file from the developer’s website which sells for $250 can be downloaded from BitTorrent freely). BitTorrent has over 50,000 user database that usually downloads one or two file on daily basis from the site.

The act of downloading file without the permission of the rightful owner is illegal, though many don’t know this and some who knows about it don’t really want to care about the illegal act of downloading files from the internet.

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