Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me

This is a personal letter from me to you and I’m here asking for your forgiveness…

Please forgive me, I can understand that you don’t know what I’m trying to say here though but above all, please forgive me.

I am very sorry of the way I have been treating you on this blog for the past few days.

Why are you begging me?

Like I said earlier on, you may not know what I do to offend you but I myself know and I am currently willing to say sorry.

What I did to offend you…

This tech blog techatlast has been existing on this location for the past few months and within those period of times, I have done a lots of design change over which i think can somehow irritate you as my blog readers. The design on this page were changed more than 10 times within the span of two months alone because of the look which I think that most of them Are not okay for your nice looking eyes. During those times, I have tried as much as possible to lay my hands on different designs both paid and free in order to make it look cool and help the site in loading faster but all to no avail. Did I tell you about this during those times? No, I didn’t and that’s another proof that I’ve offended you because you are the one that owns this blog and without you, there wouldn’t be any blog called techatlast.

I hope you have understood the reason why I said you should forgive me?

Please, I’m begging you because I value your time on my website and I love to lose you on this blog because you are so special to me and my blog.

I’m using this medium to beg you for forgiveness because I know that without you, there wouldn’t be TECHATLAST.

Thanks for accepting me back

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