How To Get Quality Traffic To Your Website

Get Quality Traffic

When You start a new blog then the first thing comes to your mind is “Which type of content you should write”, second and most important thing comes to your mind is “How to get traffic to your blog?”

There are many free ways to get quick and quality traffic to a blog or site. But you should have to keep some patience because patience is the most important thing in blogging, infact its important everywhere. Any way, returning to the point “How to get quality traffic”.

Here are few tips that will help you in getting free and quick traffic to your blog.How to get traffic without Google to your blog/website

Guest Posting

When you write articles for other’s blog then its called Guest Posting. Guest posting gives quality targeted traffic to your blog. You have to be very choosy while writing for others because there are thousands of blogs are there in blogosphere, you need to decide which blog will give you the most benefit. So select a blog which is very famous and has good PR (Page Rank) and start writing for them. If you are post would be featured on famous blogs then you can get a huge traffic from there.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a nice and less time consuming way to get quick and quality traffic to your blog. Do comment on the blogs of same niche because the links coming from these blogs are valuable.

While commenting keep in mind the What you need to remember while commenting on blog posts.

Now days, these two Guest Posting and Blog Commenting are in the trend.But there are other traditional ways are there too for getting quality traffic to blog.

They are given as:-

Keyword Research

As a blogger you must be knowing that what people search for in the particular niche? Which keywords are important? Keeping these things in mind do keyword research and put relevant keyword on your blog. It will give you great visibility in search engine on best keywords, So you will get huge traffic

Forum Posting

Forum postings are the best ways to get quickest traffic and quality traffic. While forum posting you need to be careful because if you don’t follow their TOS then they will kick you out. Don’t try to just ask questions in forums, try to do both asking questions and answering other’s questions. While answering if there is a need of then you can give your link there. If there is no needs then don’t do. One more thing put you blog’s link as your signature. I am again saying you have to be active in forums to get traffic regularly. (select only do-follow forums only)

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another good way to get traffic. You need to submit your post link or blog link to the bookmarking sites. They store those links as our browser remembers the url we bookmark and then the link is available for other users. You can try Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Identica etc

Social Networking

Social networking is the best place where you must promote your blog and its posts because people are using social networking a lot for example Facebook, the ziant of social media, myspace, twitter etc.

There are so many ways to get traffic to your blog but I am explaining here the most important ways which gives the quickest and quality traffic.

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