7 Tips For Helping You Become A Better Entrepreneur That Commands Great Results

Being your own boss is an exciting time in ones life, working hard and smart become a better entrepreneur is a great place to start, and this new knowledge is what’s going to help propel you into experiencing great success in your future as an aspiring business owner.

Top African entrepreneurs that will stand the test of time 

The recent growth of Africa’s economy is recognized globally as a major success story. Nigeria in particular stands out and is predicted by many expert commentators to become one of the 15 largest economies in the world by the...

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Information Security

Security of information and data in small businesses is a growing concern. Although cyber attacks remain more common in larger organisations, research by the UK government shows that 87 per cent of small businesses have had to deal with...
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How biometric verification enables ultra-modern future

Biometric verification has added a security layer for businesses. Using facial recognition technology, online face verification can be performed within seconds. Biometrics have been in...