How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

Helping and preserving the environment once meant only recycling bottles and cans, and keeping your yard clean. However, today with the global warming roaring and threatening the whole world, we have to do more to help our planet.  There is no better way of preserving the environment than building and keeping a green home. Creating […]

Smart Home: Top Accessories to Complement Your “Smart Home” Setup This Year

A “Smart Home” is a streamlined, high-tech sanctuary. It does not have to be a cluttered room with wires snaking around corners and bulging from interconnected devices. An HDTV and sound system are the centerpieces of the entertainment system and are a major focal point of the home. There are three major must have “smart […]

6 apps for home management: Be a pro at organizing your time, schedule and chores

Busy adults who divide their time between work, home and kids can find it difficult to remember all the tasks that need to be accomplished for home management and organization. If you find yourself forgetting things on the mental to-do list more often than you’d like to admit, some helpful and fun reminders might help […]