How Getting the CompTIA Security Certification Will Help You in Your IT Career?

In the digital world of technology today, one of the most effective career choices that one can make is to join the information technology industry. Let’s face it, all our work is now heavily dependent on computers and all of these day to day activities are now automated and are handled by artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Mastering Interview Blunders: 6 Expert Tips To Ace Your Next IT Interview

The job market is competitive regardless of your area of expertise. If you’re hunting for your next IT job, then you may find yourself up against other smart, motivated, and qualified candidates. That’s why it’s important to put all your effort into the interview to prove that you’re not just another face in the crowd. […]

The Results Are In! A Look At IT Salaries In London

Randstad have recently published the findings of a salary survey within London, showing the average salaries for technical workers in the city. The findings show a clear recovery from the global financial crisis, and salaries continue to be paid at a higher rate than the national average. IT Salaries: A Glimpse into what the London […]