The Proliferation of Chinese Apps as Tools of Surveillance

China may not be part of the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes Alliances, but it has one of the most advanced mass surveillance and censorship systems. Software and hardware developed in China often pose the threat of monitoring and recording the data of its users – that is why the US government is wary of […]

How to Prevent Your Computer From Being Run Over With Viruses and Malware

Computers have become such an important part of modern society’s lives that you really can’t live without them. At home, computers are used for leisure, recreation, fun, and games, and social interaction. While on the go, users usually turn to their portable computing devices or smartphones for entertainment. And at work, most companies are run […]

Malware Creators are Targeting Android with Bogus Apps published as AV Software

It had to happen sooner rather than later. There are now almost 5 times as many mobile connected devices, as there are desktop PCs, and the volume of mobile traffic is doubling every year. By 2016, it is expected that there will be more mobile-enabled devices, than there are people on the earth. The explosive […]