Top 4 Ways To Keep Wearable App Development Costs In Check

A few stats to share about wearable app development niche. The wearable market will exceed 4 billion dollars in 2017. (Source) 54% of the companies have started investing into BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable) model. (Source) Companies have started testing wearable apps for security access, employee time management, communication and other use cases. (Source) The […]

Wearable Technologies: How is Wearable Technology Set to Affect Healthcare?

Over the past ten years, wearable technology has paved the way for innovations in tracking fitness, sleep disturbance and making communication devices more accessible and easier to manage. Everything from FitBitsĀ to the iWatch have harnessed the possibilities that technology in contact with the body brings. In terms of personal health, wearable technologies have already become […]

Could Wearable Technology Save Your Life?

Wearable technology has come along leaps and bounds in recent years, from fitness trackers to the Apple Watch; it is slowly becoming a staple in our everyday lives. One of the most exciting and innovative areas of wearable technology today is how it can be utilised to increase our safety. Here is a look at […]