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  • Why You Need a Technical Co-Founder for Your Startup

    The barrier to entry for launching a startup is much lower today than it was ten years ago. Today, anyone who has an idea and the dedication and patience to build a company around it can watch their company grow. Compared to the 90s, there are many more resources available for startup founders who have […]

  • Responsive Web Design: The Key To Better User Experience

    Predominantly, portable mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and netbooks, have become increasingly popular for browsing online. Until responsive web design was introduced, websites that were designed for desktops display an unreadable layout and design when using different browsers on mobile devices. Nowadays, mobile online access is not only possible, but also easy and hassle-free for […]

  • Career in Web Development: Steps to Building a Successful Career in Web Development

    Web development is a flexible role that is of critical importance for enterprises in today’s connected, digital landscape. Every organization needs a website, so software programmers are constantly in demand for their skill set and experience. Web developer jobs in San Francisco, and other parts of the US are continually open for potential candidates who […]

  • Why Google Loves Responsive Website Design: 5 Action Steps for Follow

    Google loves responsive website designed to attract, engage and deliver to its customers on irrespective of the medium they use; all at the same time! If you don’t know this, now you know! Most of the people are browsing the internet using their Smartphone’s and tablets, it has become an essential requirement to create the website […]