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  • Web Design Contractual Agreement – Know Your Right As The Client of a Web Developer

    Digitalization is a 21st Century trend that has come to stay. In today’s world, digitalization has taken over the traditional way of doing business. The truth is, by not having an online presence for your business, be it a startup, big conglomerates, or an already established SMEs, is as good as not having a business. The […]

  • Why You Need a Technical Co-Founder for Your Startup

    The barrier to entry for launching a startup is much lower today than it was ten years ago. Today, anyone who has an idea and the dedication and patience to build a company around it can watch their company grow. Compared to the 90s, there are many more resources available for startup founders who have […]

  • How Software Developers Are Redesigning Application Programming?

    Modern software development teams are completely redesigning the application programming process. Application development is constantly changing, updating, and improving across the web or mobile-based interfaces. For most people, long gone are the days we have to deal with hardware, though hardware remains closely linked to software—for every system with an application, hardware sourced from manufacturing […]

  • How To Integrate Docker API For Enterprise-Level Development

    Enterprises all over the world use Docker to build and manage quality development environments. The platform constantly improves with new technologies and integrations with various platforms. One of the most useful advancements is Docker API. Developers use Docker API to access the Docker engine and connect with their own programs or custom software. You can […]

  • 6 Most Prominent Website Builders for Your Small Business: Choose The Right One

    Interested in promoting your small business? But, what are your strategies to make it happen? Give me the privilege to tell you. What about launching a business website? Don’t let your agitation stop you!! Yes, trying it the first time is apprehensive. But, you can give a shot and test…Right? Making a digital presence to […]

  • Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Software Development Company Before Hiring Them

    If you are planning to hire a software developer, do you know the type of questions to ask the potential software development company before signing the contract? Making a decision to develop custom software for your company is a big step toward growth. By optimizing the workflow and helping employees work faster, business owners are […]

  • Mobile First Strategy: Vital Element for your Business Today

    With the advent of smartphones, an entirely new world has emerged that can be termed as technology-eccentric. This shift to the mobile platform has, in turn, has made lives easier. Be it online bill payments, shopping, on-demand delivery, or even undergoing bank transactions; the mobile phone is a prized possession. Here is a report on […]

  • 11 Indispensable Web Design Interview Questions and Answers

    So, you’ve got an interview for your dream job as a web designer. How do you go about preparing? The best way to prepare for a web design interview is to run through some practice questions and come up with your best response so that you’re ready for the real thing. But before you get […]

  • 10 Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks For Web Developers

    Want to create responsive websites fast and effortlessly? Responsive HTML5 frameworks are an apt solution you can look up to. These frameworks are bestowed with incredible features. These are renowned for solving complex programming in less time. The best part is, they reduce the tasks of repetitive coding. One more thing, they are widely used […]

  • Five Factors That Can Slow Down the App Development Process and How to Deal with Them

    How much time does it take to develop a mobile application? It’s not easy to answer that question. But time is money, so a solid developer company should be able to accurately assess the time it will need to develop a mobile app for their client. The mobile market is incredibly dynamic, and apps need […]