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Top TV Manufacturers Around the World

Best TV Manufacturers List

Whether you want to keep up with the very latest technology or are just looking for a reliable, good-quality television to meet your home entertainment needs, the top television manufacturing brands below will provide the perfect option for you.


For devoted technophiles, Sony is frequently the first choice. Sony excels at home entertainment and has a reputation for super-sharp television picture quality and crystal-clear sound. Sony is considered to be leading the way in internet-platform television with its Bravia Smart TV range. Sony became the #1 company to join the world tv manufacturers ranking with its ranges of great TVs for homes.

With built-in Wi-Fi, the Sony Smart TV has a connection to the Entertainment Network, allowing access to thousands of HD and 3D movies and TV shows, as well as millions of songs. Prices differ greatly between retailers, but you’ll find some great deals if you buy Sony TV from Argos.


The Toshiba brand consistently features in lists of the top-five electronics manufacturers. Renowned for producing high-specification televisions that retail at low prices, Toshiba is currently ahead in the field of 3D television with the release of its landmark glasses-free 3D models. They’ve got a reputation for stylish-looking sets with a host of features, and are currently selling a TV which features Wi-Fi connection which allows access to videos and movies from the web. Toshiba is another company with good qualities in the TV manufacturers standing with millions of satisfied customers for their great TVs.

lcd tv manufacturers - top television manufacturers


Panasonic plasma televisions have always received high praise. These models continue to rank highly in the bestseller lists and steadily receive top-scoring reviews. Panasonic’s present range includes HD and 3D Smart TVs, available with plasma, LED or LCD screens, which deliver an entertainment platform that fits in with the family’s lifestyle. For some years, Panasonic have been ranked among the best tv manufacturers around the world because they always deliver on latest and newest technologies.led tv manufacturers around the world


Samsung‘s reputation has grown year on year, with the company currently regarded as one of the best television manufacturers in the world. It has once again taken a step ahead with Smart TVs that have voice and motion control and television-specific applications which can be downloaded from Samsung Apps. We cannot discredit Samsung when talking about companies that have good standing in the TV manufacturing business worldwide – the company is gifted with new technology developments.

An electronics manufacturer with a long-standing history of production excellence when it comes to televisions, Sharp has just confirmed its place on the leader board with the release of a 60-inch LCD TV with USB wireless connectivity. It is on offer at a very low price for its specification.

Cinema Ambience


Phillips is also taking a comfortable lead in the television-technology field with the recent release of a range that includes the Moth Eye filter innovation. Reducing screen reflection and improving picture quality, the Moth Eye technology enhances the overall viewing experience. Phillips’ unique Ambilight feature also makes for excellent movie watching, giving the experience a cinema ambience.Top TV manufacturers in asia


Korean electronics giant LG has grown in reputation over the past decade and is now well known for its production of high-specification, high-quality televisions. The new LG Smart TV range includes a Cinema 3D borderless screen design which enhances movie viewing and comes with seven pairs of comfortable 3D glasses, including some clip-on ones for spectacle wearers.


Hitachi’s current range of LCD HD televisions combines perfect picture quality with compact design and budget prices. With a range of features that are unbeatable for the price, Hitachi is holding its place in the top-ten list of tv manufacturers.


Alba is a popular budget brand when it comes to televisions. For traditionalists who prefer the tried and tested, Alba offers HD models with built-in Freeview. And their televisions are not without internet connectivity altogether, as they can be connected to a PC via external ports to be used as a PC screen.

Alba’s sister company, Bush, also has a range of HD televisions with built-in Freeview and external PC connections. Both of these brands offer good-quality products, with crisp and clear picture quality and sound, at very low prices.

With these tv manufacturers ratings, do you think we misjudged? Or you think you have a better company to replace the ones we just listed here, please don’t keep them with you, share with us.

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  1. You are sharing a great information about the Manufacturers of the TV companies most of the people are not knowing which one is high or good quality .

  2. LG said that its smart TVs collect viewing information like channel, TV platform, and broadcast source in order to “deliver more relevant advertisements”

    Damn, I’ve grown to hate that bit of boilerplate. It makes it sound as if “more relevant advertisements” is a benefit to the user, when it’s not.

    The phrase sounded insulting to me when I first heard it, and it hasn’t grown any better.


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