How to Generate Organic Traffic from Pinterest

Drive Traffic from Pinterest the easy way

Just as the name implies, PIN + INTEREST = PINTEREST. Pinterest is a social networking platform where you can pin images that you find so interesting while surfing the internet.   Just like YouTube and others is for video, Pinterest is for images. Pinterest enables people to comment on a particular pinned image, and it provides an avenue to follow just like Twitter. You can re-pin an image that so interests you on Pinterest.Get Organic Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest can be employed as a marketing tool, because, if you pinned a unique and interesting image, within some minutes, the image can go viral by re-pinning, therefore you can stylishly promote your blog to get traffic, using pinterest. There are some techniques or tips you need to apply to present your image as unique, as well as promoting yourself.

Tips on how to get loads of traffic from Pinterest

Create a Personal and Original Content to be pinned Creating original content for Pinterest

RJMetrics once reported that, more than 80% of pins are repined, the implication of this is that if you are repining others content, you are just missing out, rather, learn how to create your own stuff, beautiful and attractive graphics, insert your link back, if you want to make this faster, include a promotional or free giveaway in the design, and see how traffic from Pinterest will flow to your blog. Even if you are not that creative, you can look for an open source image which you can edit adding your promotional link, Bingo! There you go. Don’t forget to add a link through editing after you have uploaded it to pinterest, or else, you will have to forget about getting any traffic from Pinterest.

You can Pin Teasers, Questions and Tutorials

Pinning questions and teasers on Pinterest Pinerly in his poll discovered that 42% of tutorial pins are clicked on pinterest. People are craving for knowledge, offer it to them in any way you can, a way is that of Pinterest. Observe and discover what question your audience would like to recieve an answer, design a pin of it, pin it with your link back and get quality traffic from Pinterest. Pinning teaser is also another way of getting traffic from Pinterest, people love to unviel the code, give it to them, and get result.

Pinning Trending issues

Pinning Trending issues on Pinterest Also, Pinerly got to know that topics that are presently trending go to a Zap of 94% clicks on Pinterest. This time, you have to be updated, get the new, work on it for graphics, upload it, add your backlink, and get good traffic from Pinterest. An example of the one I did last week. I pinned an image of the new planet that was discovered and got a backlink to my blog. The result was awesome. It is not necessarily on news alone, for example, you may try out a love topic at Valentine, or something for XMAS, I believe they will get you cool results.

Call people to “take action”

Calling people to take action on Pinterest

The way you do on other social site, where you include a “click now to your…” This gimmicks also works well on Pinterest, Pinerly discovered it engages people by 80% and they click your stuff, then you get good traffic from Pinterest action. Start creating something, include “repin this”, “Click Now”, and you will start getting results.

Hosting a Contest on Pinterest

Hosting Contest on Pinterest You can start up a contest on your blog, like you make it viral on Facebook and Twitter, also engage it on Pinterest by encouraging people to re-pin an image you uplaoded either from your blog, or on Pinterest. Hosting a contest is a very good way of traffic from Pinterest. I think you had once held one or two contest on your blog before. You can contact some couple of sponsors who will bear the giveaway. Jetsetter is a travel niche site; it ran a contest and got 150% shoot in traffic from Pinterest as reported by Mashable. Try these tips and you are sure of getting quality traffic from Pinterest. Happy business!

What other methods do you use to generate organice traffic from pinterest? Please share them with us in the comment section below.







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  1. Andrew Avatar

    This is new for me… I think this your post can help many others… great job and thank you for sharing

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      You welcome @Andrew

  2. Rajib Kumar Avatar
    Rajib Kumar

    Great article!

    I actually joined Pinterest few days ago and love it. I have never used it to post my own blog pictures, because my blog pictures are not attractive at all.

    But i have heard that Pinterest just can boost traffic not sales. Is it right?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, you are truly right brother, it is totally dofollowed as of now and can also help your website get lots of views if you have attractive images. However, its been long that I have seen you here 🙂

  3. sky Avatar

    pinterest now is one of the best social media it can help for business marketing also that’s why pinterest now is viral.

  4. Allan Avatar

    All your posts are awesome. You are providing info in easy english and are crispy. Thanks for this great info about pinterest. i have no idea about pinterest before. But now i started to pin after reading this.

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