Love UC Browser? Now Enjoy it on Android Tablets

In the past sometimes, smartphone industry has progressed a lot and nowadays, almost every individual has got smartphone in his/her hand. The whole credit goes to mobile OS Android. But the good thing is that, not only the smartphones, but Android has brought a revolution in tablet industry as well. Gone are days when you were not able to enjoy the waves of Internet, just because of lack of resources like PC, laptop for you. You can now do all on the smartphones/tablets and the best thing is that, you can grab them in your budget. Then go on to have your browsing experience especially with the newly repackaged UC Browser. Obviously, as the smartphone/tablet users are increasing, the mobile web is also following the up curve. Although, the default browsers, that you get in your smartphone or tablet, are good enough to give you a nice Internet experience on the go, but still, many people prefer to use the third-party browsers and in the list of such browsers, UC Browser shines at the top. UC Browser If you own an Android tablet, then here is a news of joy for you. Now you can use the superb UC Browser on your Android tablet. The developers of UC Browser have optimised it for the Android tablets and also have added some new features in the list.   Developers have optimised it so as to give the best browsing experience on your Android tablet, that no other browser does. User can open new tab by swipe down, can close any tab by swipe down. The swipe left and right enables the users to switch between the opened tabs. This is indeed a good move, as these are most common tasks that one does, while accessing the web on any browser and in UC Browser, all can be done, directly, without any complexion. UC Browser Closed any tab accidentally or want to access the previously closed tabs? You can do it with ease by tapping on the top left corner. Simple! Moreover, if you are kind of person who performs the downloading tasks more than suffering and always gets mess up about the location of download files, then this is not going to happen while using UC Browser. You can access the ‘File Manager’ with ease by just tapping to ‘Settings’. There you can move or copy any files and can also change the location of the downloaded files. To reduce the typing load of yours, Omnibox fills the content automatically and decides that whether the text entered by you is simple keyword or URL. If you love some particular websites and want to stay updated with the latest posts of those websites, then you can set up their URLs in ‘Quick Reads’. It keeps you updated with the latest posts coming from the websites of your choice. The uploading speed is just awesome and you can upload the pictures/files about 3 times faster, that you do in any other browser. Another good part is that you can preview the images, before uploading them. Another good feature that I personally like the most is ‘Offline Download’ Mechanism. Now if you want to download any file but don’t have space in your Android tablet, then UC Browser will save the new files in UDisk. You can access these files, whenever you want, without even opening them. There are many more features in UC Browser for Android tablets. This is surely gonna change the Internet experience on Android tablets. What do you think about it? Will UC Browser be able to get the same popularity on Android tablets, that it has got on other devices? Share your views in the comment section below.


4 responses to “Love UC Browser? Now Enjoy it on Android Tablets”

  1. pmhbaig Avatar

    it’s good move to lunches uc for tablet, but i’ve found that dolphin hd browser is better then this tom browser, what do you say about it?

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Wow! I think I will have to try out the Dolphin to see the difference.

      1. pmhbaig Avatar

        that’s good, you will be not disappointed 🙂

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
          Olawale Daniel

          I love this browser…it is cool especially on some java phones. And coming to android means it’s going to be cooler 🙂

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